The Simple Message That Brought a Middle School Class into Tears [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
The Simple Message That Brought a Middle School Class into Tears [WATCH VIDEO]
Marc Mero speaking at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in May 2013. Cropped from original./ Josh Hallet

Prepare your tissues.

Being in middle school can be tough for both parents and teenagers alike. They’re very rebellious and hard to inspire and not easily motivated. Marc Mero, a former champion professional wrestler, gave a very moving talk to the young kids. The former wrestling champion, who, despite attaining success in the entertainment and sports industry, left the ring for the speaking stage to deliver a positive significance to young people. And it only took him less than five minutes to make the lecture theater filled with teenage students to burst into tears. Starting with a very personal story about his mother, her death, and his disappointments in life, especially with how he treated her. Mero insisted on the crowd to not build a wall between them and their parents. He recalled on he closed the door “on the one person” who believed and supported him. He further talked about his mother being his rock, giving her all the credits to the success he has received over the years. And when he got the devastating news that she passed away, his whole world collapsed. When all of this was happening, he finally understood that he wasted a big portion of his teenage life doing all the wrong things and hanging out with the wrong crowd instead of spending quality time with his family.

He then proceeded to start the nonprofit organization called Champion of Choices based in Florida. It aims to inspire others, especially young people with stories of personal victories.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Josh Hallett



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