Here’s How The Simpsons Predicted President Trump

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Here’s How The Simpsons Predicted President Trump
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In the course of nearly three decades, The Simpsons not only made viewers laugh, it also predicted the future. Sort of. Recently, the long-running animated comedy made headlines when it envisioned President Trump 16 years before it happened.

The Simpsons’ Homer as the Modern Nostradamus?

There has been a number of instances when the series accurately predicted the future. For example, Homer Simpson predicted the discovery of the Higgs-Boson equation before physicists did.

In 2008, The Simpsons showed Home trying to vote for Barack Obama but the faulty voting machine kept changing his pick. Four years later, a voting machine had to be removed because it changed votes from Barack Obama to his rival, Mitt Romney.

In the episode Bart To The Futurea grown-up Lisa takes over from President Trump. While he was not exactly shown explicitlyincumbent president, Lisa Simpson, discuss the tantamount debt in the wake of Trump. The episode aired in 2000.

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The Simpsons
Facebook/The Simpsons

Life Imitates Art

However, despite the predictions that the media tagged as “eerie,” The Simpsons is not a soothsayer. A professor from University of Glasgow explained that the predictions throughout the show are merely “coincidences.”

“The Simpsons set out to make a joke about Donald Trump because it seemed so ridiculous,” explained Dr John Donaldson to Business Insider, “And it just so happened that political circumstances changed to the point that someone like Trump could become president.”

Moreover, Donaldson added that The Simpsons is a show that discusses themes relevant in real life. That events eventually turn out exactly the way it did on television is unsurprising.

In fact, President Trump will likely not be the last prediction that The Simpsons will ever make. The lecturer proceeded to say that science fiction is also notorious for “predicting” technological advancements. He even compared the comedy to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World because of its philosophical nature.

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