The Snitch Cartel Movie Review

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The Snitch Cartel Movie ReviewThe Snitch Cartel is Colombia’s submission to this year’s foreign language Oscar contest. It is about the drug wars of the 1990s. It is a melodrama that doesn’t bring anything new to the table and will have a slim chance of winning against other foreign entries.

The Snitch Cartel is scheduled to have a short theatrical run in the United States. Moviegoers will not be bored. They will not be inspired by the movie as well. The film is based on a longer TV miniseries. Compressing a long series into a two hour-long feature does not always result to a good flick and this is an example.

It follows Martin (Manolo Cardona), a young man who manages to rise to a top position in the Colombian cartel before he becomes an informer for the DEA. Martin and his best friend Pepe (Diego Cadavid) turn to crime as their way out of poverty. He also thinks that he can finally win the heart of Sofia (Juana Acosta), an upper class woman who Martin has been obsessing since they were young.

The Snitch Cartel tries to incorporate a lot of information about several Colombian cartels in a 15 year period. It utilizes voice-over narration to tell the events of the period along with newsreel footage and printed titles.

The movie is edited to build up the tension. The scenes are filmed in Bogota, Cali, New York, Mexico City, and Miami. The violent scenes are interspersed with sex scenes to keep the viewers glued on the screen.

Tom Sizemore makes a cameo in The Snitch Cartel as one of the American DEA agents. Mexican actor Pedro Armendariz Jr. plays a Mexican drug lord. He died after completing the movie. Adriana Barraza, who is nominated for an Oscar for her role in Babel, plays Martin’s grandmother.

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