The Supernatural Season 13 Chief Villain Is An ‘Old Friend’

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
The Supernatural Season 13 Chief Villain Is An ‘Old Friend’
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Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have faced demons and gods, but the battle has not yet been won. At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, executive producer Andrew Dabb talked about the villains in Supernatural Season 13 and what is in store for the Winchesters.

An Old Friend Resurfaces

Last season’s finale was filled with shocking events. Fans witnessed the death of major characters and fan favorites, Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard). The episode also revealed that constant Winchester adversary Lucifer has a son.

While viewers will likely head more about the identity of Lucifer’s son and how he will impact the balance of good and evil on Earth, the mysterious new player to the story of Sam and Dean is not the chief villain of Season 13. Instead, Dabb revealed that the biggest challenge that the brothers will have to face in the upcoming season will come from someone that they have already seen before.

“[Lucifer‘s child] Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing with,” the showrunner told TV Line. He, of course, refused to share more details about the new character, but he teased that the big villain of the upcoming season is a familiar face. “[I]t’s an old — let’s call him friend — who we have not seen for many years,” he added.

After twelve successful seasons, Supernatural had seen dozens of characters come and go. It would difficult to guess who is coming back to the show to antagonize the Winchester brothers.

Luckily, Dabb gave a few more hints about the mysterious foe. The EP divulged that the villain of the upcoming season is someone that “probably is not currently in our world” but “from the alternate world.”

This significantly reduced the list of suspects. In fact, the site already speculated that the Supernatural Season 13 will be the archangel Michael who, the last time fans saw, was trapped in Lucifer’s cage way back in Season 5.

Dabb responded, “I’ll plead the fifth [amendment] for that one.” He, however, assured fans that whoever the next villain might be, he will bring a lot of problems for the Winchesters.

Back From The Dead

An old villain resurfacing is something that is expected in Season 13. The CW already revealed that several characters who have long ago passed will be making their way back into the show.

Jim Beaver was already confirmed for the upcoming season. His character, Bobby Singer, has already appeared in the previous season’s finale, but he did not recognize the Winchesters. Missouri Moseley (Lorretta Davine), the psychic who appeared way back in Season 1, will also make a grand comeback.

“Some people that have been long dead in our show are less dead in the apocalyptic world,” Dabb stated during the show’s panel at SDCC.

Among those who will not return, on the other hand, is Crowley. Shepard stated earlier this year that it is time for him to move on and accomplish greater things.

The next season will become an even bigger challenge for the brother,s. While, in the past, they have faced off and defeated The Darkness herself Amara (Emily Swallow), Season 13 will see the brother in an alternate universe where they were not born.

The last season’s finale ripped a hole in space and time and opened a door to a post-apocalyptic world. While the brother survived and got back into their own world, it looks like the alternate universe will be a constant presence in Season 13.

In fact, Mary and Lucifer are both stuck in the post-apocalyptic alternate universe. Moreover, the brothers might have to go back inside if they want to revive Castiel. Supernatural Season 13 will premiere on Oct. 12 (Thursday), 8/7c, on The CW.

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