The Taste Season 3 Recap: A Fiery Start

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The Taste Season 3 Recap: A Fiery Start
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The season just started, but things are already heating up in the new episode of “The Taste” Season 3 Episode 2 “Under the Sea,” which aired last Dec. 11, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Nigella deals with a stubborn teammate, Ludo accidentally sabotages his own team, friendship turns into a catfight and Ludo gets hysterical in the taste off. Read on to know the fiery moments of this episode.

Team Nigella already said goodbye to a teammate in the first episode. Nigella is pressured to keep her team untouchable from the elimination. It will be a big disadvantage for them if another member is eliminated.

The theme for the team challenge is “Under the Sea.” Their main ingredient must only be fish and seafood. The fate of the teams rests on a guest judge who has three Michelin stars and four New York Times stars. Everyone gives a round of applause as Chef Eric Ripert shows up.

Each team must also have their own theme based on “Under the Sea.” Ludo’s Kitchen is steamed fish in broth, Marcus’s Kitchen is fish in shellfish broth, Nigella’s Kitchen is shellfish in miso broth and Anthony’s Kitchen is seafood stew. The cooks must make their own version of their mentor’s dish.

The cooks have an hour to cook. The mentors will only pick one best bite from their team. The winning team will have a “masterclass” with Chef Ripert. The mentor of the losing team will eliminate one of his cooks.

Lindsey wants to use the black cod instead of the clams. Nigella stops her because black cod will not give much flavor to the broth. She emphasizes that clam liquid will be the star of the dish.

Ludo scolds Jen for being disorganized in her station. Her table is messy. After tasting her broth, Jen says it tastes horrible. Ludo also agrees after tasting it. He worries about Jen because she is the only homecook in his kitchen.

Tom cooks cioppino with olives. Anthony worries that olives might complicate his dish. Vanessa does not care about Chef Ripert. She says she only cooks for Anthony.

Lindsey is disappointed while cooking her dish. She says if only she can have her way, she is done already. Nigella tastes her dish. She cannot taste the clams. She chooses P.K. with her clams in miso and shiitake broth to represent the team. Lindsey does not think Nigella chose the right dish. She believes hers tastes better.

The blind taste by Chef Ripert starts. Eric represents Team Anthony with his bouillabaisse with cod. Marcus chose Gabe with his hamachi with a miso corn purée. Natasha’s sea bass in Caribbean spiced broth made Ludo choose her. Chef Ripert thinks Eric should have put more salt, the taste of Gabe’s fish is not elevated, P.K.’s clams are a little sandy and Natasha’s fish cannot be identified by taste.

The best dish is Gabe’s. Eric is second best. The worst dish is P.K.’s.

Nigella is forced to eliminate one of her members. She asks her team who they think must be eliminated. Mia hesitantly chooses P.K. Lindsey also chooses P.K., but unlike Mia, she continues with her rants. She says she is the best in their team, while P.K. is immature and always agrees with Nigella to get noticed. Nigella decides to send Lindsey home. She says Lindsey questions her more than she questions herself. She thinks Lindsey is difficult to mentor.

“I make my own food and I guess that was my downfall,” Lindsey admits with a straight face.

In Team Marcus’s masterclass with Chef Ripert, the cooks can ask for advice about their planned dish to make in the solo challenge. Jake keeps on asking Chef Ripert about anything he can think of.

The cooks have an hour to finish their dish. Anthony, Nigella, Marcus and Ludo will blindly taste the food. The best cooks will be given gold stars while the worst will have red stars.

Another benefit for Team Marcus is Chef Ripert mentors them while cooking.  Jake is the only one who keeps on asking questions. He starts burning the spices and begs for Chef Ripert to help him. Chef Ripert finds him too clingy. Jake has a difficult time to make the broth tasty and calls for Chef Ripert again.

Jen makes her team stressed because she is disorganized. Her team starts helping her finish her dish. When everyone returns in their station, she asks for their help again. Some members already find her annoying.

Natasha knocks over one spoon. She worries some of the garnish spilled out. Jen does not finish her plating at all.

Tarik serves Israeli brood with steamed clams and scallops. Nigella finds it bitter. Marcus prefers the scallops seared.

Natasha’s dish is Thai red curry with mussels and squid. Three of the judges think the seafood was not cooked perfectly. However, Anthony loves it.

Marcus does not like the idea of sesame seeds around the fish in P.K.’s black pepper and sesame-crusted tuna with peanut sauce. Ludo thinks it is just an average dish.

Eric serves butter-poached lobster in corn purée with caviar. Ludo thinks it is underseasoned. All of the judges say it has no salt and lack acidity.

Mia’s dish is nut-crusted salmon with orange balsamic glaze. The salmon is overcooked, and the dish has no seafood quality. Same comments are given in Dan’s roasted salmon with smashed potato, dill crème fraîche and salmon roe.

Marcus thinks the sauce overpowers the fish in Gabe’s seared black cod in herb purée. Ludo loves it though and wants some more.

Tom serves fried oysters with uni and “comeback” sauce. Anthony finds it cheap, trashy and “trailer parky” but loves it. Other judges think it is not seafood-like. The judges start arguing that makes Anthony imitate Ludo’s accent out of annoyance.

Jake has a good idea with his Filipino sinigang with scallops and tamarind broth but has bad execution. Nigella thinks the fish is “lost” in Vanessa’s Thai green curry with black cod but other judges love it. Jen’s pan-seared salmon with cauliflower purée and kale chips has perfectly-cooked salmon but has no other flavors.

The best cooks are Natasha, Joe and Gabe. Anthony and Nigella choose Natasha, so she has two gold stars. Jake, Mia, Jen and, surprisingly, Natasha are the worst cooks.

Ludo is in great disbelief that he chose his own teammate, Natasha, as his worst cook. Anthony and Ludo starts to argue. Anthony reminds Ludo that she received two gold stars. Ludo defends that he has a finer palette. Anthony attacks him that there is nothing worse than putting a teammate in jeopardy. He boasts none of his teammates is in the bottom.

The judges take a closer look on the worst dishes. Nigella thinks Jen’s dish is cheap. Jen backfires that she keeps it simple. She stresses that she is Italian, so she knows real Italian flavors. Nigella tells her she lived in Italy for years, so she knows Italian flavors better.

Each worst cook is asked who they want to face the taste off. Mia nominates Jen. Jen is furious because she thought Mia is her best friend in the show. Mia says Jen is not her best friend because she has three BFFs back home.

While judges try to decide who to put in the taste off, Ludo defends Jen’s dish. Anthony and Nigella think it is the worst because it was not finished. Jake is criticized because Chef Ripert trained him, yet he served one of the worst dishes.

Finally, Jake and Jen are chosen for the taste off. The main ingredient must be halibut. Marcus and Ludo stand near their teammates to coach them while cooking.

Ludo finds it difficult to coach Jen. He is already screaming and scolding her that it can be heard in the break room where Nigella, Anthony and Chef Ripert are waiting. As soon as the time is up, Ludo suddenly falls on the floor and composes himself from the hysteria.

Jake serves seared halibut with cucumber and apple gazpacho. Nigella thinks it has one more element lacking. Chef Ripert and Anthony think the fish is overcooked and “flat.” Chef Ripert thinks Jen’s seared halibut with garlic, tomato and white wine sauce is overcooked and needs more salt.

Jake is eliminated. He is still hopeful to become a famous chef someday. “If you give in to trouble, if you’re going down the wrong path, you can change it in an instant,” he says.

There you have it for the recap on "The Taste" Season 3 Episode 2 "Under the Sea," which aired last Dec. 11, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. Catch the next episode on Dec.18, 2014. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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