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Anshul Hardikar


Anshul studied Journalism and Broadcasting before venturing out in Online Media. He likes to read, write and travel when he is not working. He has been a f [...]

Kitin Miranda

Kitin Miranda enjoys writing, learning new things, telling stories, and doing theater. When she is not busy with her many projects, she can be found readin [...]

Neha Bakshi

Neha graduated in Electronic Media and has worked with Timea group for 3 years. She is passionate about learning languages and is certified French Language [...]

April Lara

April Lara has a degree in Journalism and Professional Culinary Arts. She started a career in Journalism in 2009 and has been part of MNG since March 2015. [...]

Diane Samson


Diane Samson is a graduate of Literature. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies and television shows. She joined MNG in February 2016. [...]

Eva Artosilla


Eva Artosilla joined MNG in 2016. She is an Accountant by profession and has alreay invaded the corporate world. She finds writing as a rewarding job. [...]

Disha Mashelkar

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Disha Mashelkar has completed her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Pune. She joined MNG in 2016. She loves writing on TV [...]

Sangati Jogwar

Sangati is a writer, poet, voracious book reader, singer, movie-buff and critic. Loves to discuss, interact and have a strong belief in spirituality. [...]

Tanya D.

Movie writer, horror fanatic and a coffee addict [...]

Mradula Mahajan

Mradula Mahajan is a creative content writer with witty sense of humor. She dotes on content writing and love to work on varied topics. Apart from writing, [...]

Rachel Cruz

Rachel will watch any TV show once to see if it's worth following. She watches 55 to 60 American, British and Canadian TV shows on any regular week. Glued [...]

Nimfa Idea

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Nimfa Idea studied Journalism at the University of the East in Manila and started making a living writing at the age of 17. She believes pizza is man's gre [...]

Sumeet Kaur

Sumeet is a blogger and life enthusiast. She has a penchant for thick books; anything from stories of spiritual journeys to silly romances or entertaining [...]

Meghna Subhedhar

Seasoned reporter. Clarifies, classifies, and amplifies news to make it all the more interesting. [...]

Marie delos Santos

Marie is a dreamer. She likes to explore new places where she could possibly meet new people and learn new things from them. She likes traveling and taking [...]


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Mardielyn is a blogger, a book hoarder and a movie lover. She loves social media as she loves eating spicy foods. She is an optimist who notes random thing [...]

Ruchi Singh

Ruchi Singh is an India-based reporter who has covered various aspects of journalism, including health and lifestyle, South-East Asian News, NGO news, arts [...]



Live life like you are in television series. [...]

Bindhu Mol. G

Bindhu loves writing news articles, SEO articles, technical articles, and website content. Her professional bio is purposely short here. When she’s not p [...]

Chan Lasan

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Chan is a former Commis Baker in profession. She is a passionate writer who loves cooking, baking and music. Her hobby is watching movies and TV series. Sh [...]

Pala Sen

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Pala Sen has been into full time writing since the last 2 years.Innovative and well-researched content, and exposure to a wide variety of topics are so [...]

Subhro Prakash Ghosh

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Having over 9 years of experience in retail magazines and portals, Ghosh has served lot of overseas clients in the last couple of years. Presently, he is a [...]

Conviron Altatis

Conan Altatis has been a filmmaker, actor and entertainment news writer since 2014. [...]

Alka Vishnoi


Die hard romantic. Big movie buff.Reading Enthusiast and a self confessed perfectionist. Alka is a writer by choice and passion!!She enjoys traveling and i [...]

Ila Samant

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I am a writer by passion and profession! I have completed my post graduation as a Company Secretary Executive. And my hobbies would include traveling, and [...]


Big time geek. Avid reader and will most definitely die in a pile of unread books! Huge, huge Potterhead! [...]

Ancy John

I live in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is where my heart is! I love to be around people but I also don't complain wandering away in the hills! [...]

Kathleen Villaruben

Things I can't get enough of: writing, books, music, social media, reality TV, anti-cliché TV shows, and certified "fresh" movies. [...]

DV Pre

Will write for food... and shoes. [...]


Nica loves dreaming and turning her dreams into reality. [...]


Adie's in her mid-twenties, but looks like she's in her late (?) teens. She finds celebrity and trending news fascinating, and will spend her nights watchi [...]

Ambika Thakur

I am an Indian native filled with charm, a sense of humor, style, and a passion for writing. I am an instinctive artist and writing prose and verse since I [...]

Kevyn Cortez

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Manga, Anime, Videogames, DC Comics, Marvel, Sci-fi and Fictional Epics/films, I'm your guy to go to.. [...]

Sumita Ganguly

Sumita is a content writer who also has a degree in cost accountancy. She was associated with a corporate for several years before starting to work as a co [...]


Jester Valdez is a gaming writer who also engages in playing his personal favorite strategy games. When offline, he is either binge-watching TV series or m [...]

Hannah Aven Guarin


entertainment writer, textbook editor, bookworm; travel, food, and music [...]

Hannah Marfil


Mommy by day, fashionista by night, Hannah is a reputable blogger focusing on the fields of Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Sports, and Health.She is the epi [...]

Martin Suan


Martin's interest range from reading books, guitars, animes, driving on a Sunday, to an obsession with this saying: "What does it profit a man if he gains [...]

Rosella Jane Vargas

Hello! I'm Rosella or RJ as what I am usually called. I'm 20+ years old who absolutely loves writing and reading. I am a writer who dreams and a dreamer wh [...]

Sohini Halder

I am girl, who likes to think and procrastinate a lot. I grew up, mostly reading, aside from studies and other accomplishments. a geek and a nerd, who love [...]

John Leuven


Hi, I'm JL and I love music. I'm also passionate about books and pop culture. My favorite instrument is the piano, and with that I dream of creating soundt [...]

Nitha Paul

Nitha is a Creative writer by passion and profession. She is an experienced blogger who love experimenting with words and sentences. Her area of expertise [...]

Manjira Basu

Manjira is a creative content writer, fashion stylist and a series-worm. Driven by fashion and music, she enjoys the rhythm in the lyrics of life - poetry. [...]

Nilankur Dutta

I enjoy naps, entirely much more than is considered healthy.When awake I am usually listening to rock music, watching murder mysteries and eating jell [...]

Lex Lopez

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Lex loves to wander the ghostly corridors of the internet. Despite having no athletic gifts he is an ardent NBA viewer. He has more than a decade tenure as [...]

Poonam Singh


A person with interest in writing, editing, training and teaching and full of enthusiasm to explore these fields. A fun loving individual, who love to writ [...]

Alyza Jen


Alyza is a self-confessed bookworm who also loves to write anything about celebrities, fashion, and lifestyle. She is also a proud Mass Communication gradu [...]

Rituparna Ghosh

Hi this is Rituparna from Kolkata, India. I am a fun loving person but passionate about my job. I love dancing, spending time with my closely knit family a [...]

Gemmie Caranay

A writer, social media expert . Her friends call her the "multitasking queen," because she can balance work and family life with flying colors. When she is [...]

Ruma Saha

Writing is a passion for Ruma. She mainly focuses on movienews and celebrity news writing. [...]

Ivy Candelaria


Visiting entertainment sites was a daily activity for Ivy as it was a major stress reliever for her. What's the next best thing than finally working for on [...]

Susmita Bhattacharya

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I want to be an aspiring Journalist with right vision and sensible heart. Virtue lies atop for me. I believe to put my one step into the traditions and ano [...]


Comic book reader, beer drinker, Neil Gaiman stalker. Contrary to popular belief, Nobelle is not a bunny rabbit. [...]

Kriti Ranjan

Hello! A Post Graduate from the University of Delhi, I love to read and write a lot. Have previously been associated with telematicswire, which is a web po [...]

Kathleen Villaruben

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Kathleen loves to escape in the world of entertainment. She lives for the interesting, imaginative and colorful things in life. [...]

Alvin Albaciete

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I'm a 20-something guy, who has since been a fan of words! Follow me in my search for the perfect poop. [...]

Alexandra Jaca

Alex "Achi" Jaca was a former content writer and copy editor. She started writing in college and has even interned at a local newspaper. She's a big eater [...]

Ghosh Piyali

Piyali Ghosh is a journalist with exposure to both print and broadcast Journalism. She is a movie buff and an avid reader of celebrity gossip magazines. Fo [...]

Dannel Lozano


Dannel Lozano is a hyperactive entity inside a human lifeform, engaging in diverse industries. A full-pledged artist, singer, choreographer, hairstylist, f [...]

Prerna Trehan

A self professed Bibliophile with a tendency to binge watch shows and movies in the company of a large tub of popcorn, preferably nestled in a cozy blanket [...]

Aliza Xandria A.

Loves reading, writing and watching movies. [...]

Edson Kyle Encina


Enjoys traveling, writing and most of all music! During his free time he enjoys playing guitar, singing and playing games. Generally an unusual individual [...]

Acsilyn Miyazaki

Acsilyn has been a part of the online publishing industry for more than 3 years. Aside from being an online news correspondent, Asha, as she is otherwise k [...]

Mark Jason Alcala

Infinitely curious and inquisitive, took up Physics in college hoping to unlock the mysteries of life and the universe. After a brief detour in a boring ba [...]

Rey Martin

Rey loves reading, writing, and surfing the net. When she's not working, she can be found listening to music, watching movies, writing poems or short stori [...]

Pradeep Singh

A writer whose passion to write articles on varied topics knows no limit. He has worked for different media organisations and with over three years of expe [...]

Sohini Biswas

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Sohini is a writer by profession and painter by birth. She is also a bookworm and is involved in various gender empowerment activities. When she’s not pl [...]

Enrico Cuenca

Oh hi there! Your friendly neighborhood writer-man here. A self-proclaimed Boy Wonder; Enrico loves talking anything awesome, more specifically Game of Thr [...]


A passionate journalist who believes in the idea of smart work. A professional host and presenter with Asia's Largest Public Service Broadcaster, Prasar Bh [...]

Bernadette Delos Santos

Bernadette is a registered nurse, but she's also a writer. She loves to travel, discover new places, and meet interesting people from different places acro [...]

Mary Denelle Arnaiz

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Mary Denelle Arnaiz loves writing and reading trending news about celebrities, movies and TV series. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you would like to [...]

Shreya Singh

I'm a dreamer. If that was a job, I'd be the highest paid person! Apart from perpetual day dreaming, I love anything that spells E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T. [...]

Denise Foz

Denise loves to expand her mind and her palate. [...]

JB Lazarte

When he's not scraping the interwebs for intriguing news, JB writes fiction. His novel, 'The Third Lover', can be freely downloaded here ( [...]

Ken Jeryle Papelleras

Ken is a medical student who spends his free time watching good movies and TV shows. His favorite movie is Schindler's List. Among the series that he follo [...]

Akul Sharma


Akul Sharma is a freelance writer who is a movie buff to an extent that he remembers less about his childhood and more about the movies he has watched. He [...]

Weena Carullo

Weena is a professional writer who has extensive experience in writing articles on various topics - from business, travel, lifestyle, to health, music and [...]

Karen May Regpala


Karen is passionate about the little things she loves: books, journaling, writing, and anything Hello Kitty, FRIENDS, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, a [...]

Barnali Pal Sinha

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A journalist, a writer who believes that writing is a form of creative expression. An avid reader, travel junkie and foodie according to whom creativity is [...]

Jhoanna Gonzales

Jhoanna Gonzales is an adventurous travel bug who likes to explore and discover new things, culture and countries! On her spare time, she likes to read, wa [...]

Pauli Mickey

A certified TV and Movie Buff [...]

Gab QEsp

Gab thinks that change needs to start within oneself. So he habitually dresses well not because of the others, but because the world is his moving runway. [...]

Jaycee De Guzman

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Gel Garcia, a Filipina-born entrepreneur, is a movie-fanatic lass. On top of her busy schedule as a provider of online services, she still "makes" time to [...]

Anshu Shrivastava

Just another writer. [...]


Irene is a passionate writer/editor who works hard and plays less. She utterly believes in Law of Attraction as universal truth and that happiness is a men [...]


He lives in a cave. He wears the cape. But he doesn't fight crime. Little is known about him other than the fact that he is furry, loves to purr when you s [...]

Ria Chakraborty

I hail from West Bengal, India. I've completed my B.A.(Hons.) Arts in English Literature and Language from Banaras Hindu University(B.H.U.), Varanasi. Curr [...]

Cecille Baello

likes strange art films and obscure indie music [...]


Word-weaver and goal digger. [...]

Ken Salcedo

I am a freelance writer, aspiring filmmaker and obsessive TV show follower. Once I get hooked on a TV series, I'll watch it until the very end. I've always [...]

Christian Ray Pilares

Christian Ray has been writing content for websites, SEO articles, press releases, eBooks for over five years now. [...]