The Terrifying Reality Behind the ‘Poltergeist’ Movie [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Terrifying Reality Behind the ‘Poltergeist’ Movie [Watch Video]
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The terrifying deaths behind the 1983 Steven Spielberg movie “Poltergeist” still haunts people today especially that the remake of the film has been released a couple of days ago.

Not everyone knows the reality behind the cult horror film. The 1982 film revolved around your typical American family who is tormented by evil and then took over the family’s youngest member, Carol Ann and took her to a different place. Now, the 2015 remake follows the same format.

The film is actually based on events that transpired in a house on Long Island, New York where the Hermann’s were pestered by a poltergeist. They complained of their ornaments flying around, bookshelves falling over and stuff like that. A police came to investigate but he was almost hit by a flying object while experts confirmed that the house was structurally sound. After that, mysteriously the haunting stopped by but the mystery lives on.

It was even more terrifying when horrifying events happened after the original film was released. After a few weeks of its release, Dominique Dunne who played Carole Anne’s big sister was assaulted by her boyfriend outside her house and died in a hospital a few days after the incident. Just recently, Julian Beck who played Henry Kane in the second movie died of stomach cancel while Will Sampson who played the role of a Native American shaman died while being operated for a heart-lung transplant.

Lou Perryman was killed in 2009 and author James Kahn who wrote the book said that after writing the book, lightning hit and destroyed his work building. The most shocking death of all was the death of Heather O’ Rourke who played Carol Anne at the age of 12.

Are these incidents purely a coincidence or is there something else? What do you think?

“Poltergeist” remake is now out in theaters.

Watch the 2015 trailer below:

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