The Untold Story of Chynna Phillips

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Chynna Phillips

Chynna Phillips was also said to be in a relationship with a dance partner despite being married to actor William Baldwin. She said the allegation was a false one and even slammed Rob Kardashian who spread the rumor about her. Her group Wilson Phillips is also said to be getting a reality television series which will give a boost to the revival of their singing career. As a matter of fact Chynna Phillips’s husband Billy Baldwin joked on the internet that they both have Skype sex frequently and others should not get shocked by it.

But things don’t look quite well a she had recently filed a divorce against her husband and quickly took it off, she seems to be disturbed from something and isn’t mentally stable currently but what is the reason behind this on-off diverse thing. In 2010 she had checked into the rehab because of her half sisters sexual relationship with her father who is no more now.

She was given treatment for anxiety in February 2010. Chynna Phillips was not very amused when she was voted out of the Dancing with the Stars as she was one of the best contestations and was a title contender. One weak performance showed her the door as she was less on public voting count. Many of her fans have been saying that she didn’t deserve to be eliminated from the show. Her new reality series is actually a way to record an upcoming new album along with band.

Her relationship with her husband was also not going quite fine before she checked into the rehab, it is said she was deeply hurt after the disclosure of her dads sexual relationship with her half sister. She is a very emotional and caring person therefore the news hit her very badly and thus had to go to the rehab to gain mental stability. Her mother Michelle Phillips has said that the news is fake and just a publicity stunt. Although things have gone off the course in her life, bit by bit she is making sure her life returns to normality and thus can revive her singing career.


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