‘The Vampire Diaries’ Actor Ian Somerhalder Apologizes!

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Actor Ian Somerhalder Apologizes!
Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

It has been about a month since actor Ian Somerhalder tied the knot with Nikki Reed and went on his “magical” honeymoon with her where he was seen cozying up to his new wife and enjoying in Paris. It is not usual for actors to face curious fans who wait for them for hours together just so that they can have a look at their favorite celebs. Something like this happened to Ian and the actor did not really handle it the way he is supposed to.

According to Celebuzz, the actor who was holidaying with wife was met with fans who were waiting outside their hotel wanting to take pictures with their favorite actor but were more then surprised at the way the actor decided to greet them. According to reports, the actor kind of started lecturing dear fans as to how they should leave him alone and respect his privacy since he is on his honeymoon and in no way is going to click pictures with them.

Before starting the moral lecture, he also mentioned that he indeed loves all of them and is glad for all the love, audiences give him but there are some days when he just can’t put up with all of this and needs time all to himself and his loved ones. However his refusal went down a bit harsh with one of his Parisian lady fans who was brought to tears after having heard her favorite actor. The social media went in a criticizing mode because of this stating that the actor should not have at least lectured fans over the issue.

What seems to have ended the topic, did not really do so. The actor responded with a long justifying message to his actions adding philosophy instead of a simple apology at least for that lady fan who was in tears. To add to this unnecessary message, he also post a picture of the insides of an eye highlighting his early points. Seems like it will not be a good idea for a fan to spot him and ask for a photo next time since he might just turn them down again.

We are not saying that the actor is right or the fans are, but this situation could have turned out in a different way than it was handled.

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Photo source: Facebook/Nikki Reed e Ian Somerhalder

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