The Vampire Diaries Finale Spoilers: Elena And Damon Will Come Face To Face, Major Character Dies

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Finale Spoilers: Elena And Damon Will Come Face To Face, Major Character Dies
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The Vampire Diaries finale is happening soon and fans of the series feel excited how the show will end. Hell has opened where Katherine came from and many were asking if they can see Katherine again. Check out the details below.

People have been talking about Nina Dobrev’s return since she left the show. The authority to talk about the details of the upcoming finale is Julie Plec. The showrunner gamely answered all queries, reports Hollywood Life.

The Vampire Diaries Finale Spoilers

During the Twitter Q&A, a fan asked Plec if viewers will see Katherine again. She answered, “Si!” which means “Yes!” Another netizen wanted to know if the show will feature Katherine in the finale. She answered, “sort of …???”

Julie Plec made more revelations during the entire Q&A session. According to her, the final scene will happen at the house of the Salvatores. Sadly, Kai will not have a happy ending.

Flashbacks and flash forwards in the finale are possible. The most-awaited Elena and Damon reunion will surely happen. She also revealed that a major character will be killed in the finale.

The Vampire Diaries Finale

The Vampire Diaries Cast Says Goodbye

Meanwhile, the actors have been together for eight years. So, working on The Vampire Diaries finale will definitely become emotional. The thought of saying goodbye to the TVD family is really heartbreaking.

Kat Graham admitted that the ending of the show took too long for her to process. She shared that the show paved the way for her to become famous in the industry. The entire cast had a sort of a farewell party. They said their goodbyes to one another, reports MTV. She wrote, “I grew up on this show and am eternally grateful for all the opportunities it has given me.”

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder had a photo in front of the Camaro. Candice King brought her daughter to the set. She shared a photo of her on Instagram. The little girl seems to love the TVD cake. Matt Davis gave a short message, “It’s been a wonderful ride.”

Another rare event happened in connection with the show’s ending. Ian Somerhalder and wife Nikki Reed had the chance to see his ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev. The trio even posed for a photo together.

Dobrev and Somerhalder had a conflict when she left the show two seasons ago. Because of this, they had the chance to work on other projects. The actor blamed her when the rating of the show plummeted. Watch out for The Vampire Diaries finale on March 10, 2017.

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