The Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale Recap: Christmas Through Your Eyes

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale Recap: Christmas Through Your Eyes
3.18 “The Murder of One”

The holiday season has a nasty effect on the supernaturals on “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 and in Episode 10 “Christmas Through Your Eyes” someone’s dying and couldn’t be saved and Kai may just regain what he wants back. Read below for the full recap. 

Caroline thought that Christmas with her mom is postponed since she can’t get in Mystic Falls. Liz made sure that she and her daughter can spend Christmas together by bring in the Christmas decorations to her. Stefan is with Liz and Caroline and Stefan fixed the tree. Caroline insists on Stefan that he doesn’t have to be there until Liz collapses. When they got to the hospital, they found out that Liz has a tumor. It’s gotten bigger than before and she’s been hiding it from her daughter. Caroline asked Stefan if vampire’s blood can cure her mom. Stefan doubts it and with the tumor so far along, the doctors have said that there’s nothing they can do anymore.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is still stuck in 1994. She had a couple of flashbacks while she decorates her own tree and set it on fire. As for Damon and Elena, they were busy researching stuff about the Ascendant.

Matt and Jeremy had a plan to kill Enzo while Kai was on his hunt to get his powers back. Kai managed to kidnap Jo. Tyler convinced Liv and Luke to ensure Kai’s alive so he can merge with Jo. Liv agreed to this plan because she wants to keep her brother alive. Luke was quite hesitant because if that happens Kai will be very powerful and would definitely go on a killing spree once again.

Jo thinks that she is powerful enough to beat Kai but needs more time so Alaric knocked Kai out and tied him to a tree. However, Kai managed to absorb all of the powers in Mystic Falls and he escaped but that also means that the supernaturals can now enter the town.

Matt and Jeremy tried to trap Enzo and it was successful at first. Since Mystic Falls is no longer a magic-free zone, Enzo used this to his advantage and used Matt (again) to make Stefan’s life miserable and once he get what he wants, he’ll make a choice whether to make Matt live or die.

Stefan returned Damon’s car and they exchanged some “bromance” in this scene. Elena was on her way to Damon but when Damon opened the door he couldn’t see her, it turns out that Kai was behind Elena and put a cloaking spell on then.

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