The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale Recap
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The season finale of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 didn’t disappoint. It was full of a lot of feels, a wonderful tribute to Elena and, of course, a cliffhanger. Read on.

Kai has surrendered himself to the dark side yet had the nerve to apologize to Alaric for killing Jo. He said that he couldn’t stand the competition for leadership of the coven once the twins are born so he had to kill them. Then, he stabbed himself in the neck and dropped dead.

The rest of the coven started dying including Liv. She’s beside Tyler who’s dying, too because of the piece of glass that stabbed him. Liv noticed that it’s a full moon and asked Tyler to change into a werewolf to live. Tyler was hesitant at first but Liv reminded him of the promise he made to her that he wouldn’t waste the second chance she gave him. Tyler did transform into a wolf and Liv was left dying.

Meanwhile, Damon was in the hospital because of Elena. Nothing is physically wrong with Elena, though and while there he talked to Bonnie of what happened when they left.

Stefan and Caroline were at the back of a car with Enzo driving and Lily on the front. He tried to convince his mom to choose him instead of her “family,” but she doesn’t want to. Stefan and Caroline left them and Lily found that the warehouse where Kai pointed them to was empty. However, before Stefan and Caroline left Stefan, she asked Lily what she gave to Kai in exchange for her family. She said her blood and that means Kai is now a vampire and he just faked his own death to kill his coven. He’s coming back to life – now alone, with no competition and more powerful than ever.

Alaric put Jo’s body in his car’s trunk. Then he saw Kai, whom he shoot several times but of course he’s not dying. He tried to shoot himself in the head, but he ran out of bullets. Tyler then came out of nowhere and bit Kai, which means that Kai will die… or will he not?

Kai went to the hospital for Damon because of the werewolf bite. Damon told him that the cure is in New Orleans. He asked what he has done to Elena and Kai revealed that he linked Bonnie’s life to Elena’s. It means that as long as Bonnie is alive Elena will remain asleep. Kai told Bonnie that she can’t do anything to undo the spell and if she did, they will both die.

Kai and Bonnie got into a fight wherein Bonnie lost. Damon came to Bonnie’s dead body leaving the impression that he’s choosing Elena over her. What he actually did was to give Bonnie his blood to let her live while he bids goodbye to the girl that she loves.

Then we saw Elena in a coffin, and each of her friends come to her to so she could leave her parting messages for each of them. She left Damon the sweetest of all, which made us all cry. They danced in the middle of the road where they first met and Elena is very happy that he let Bonnie live.

After that, Bonnie said that they will protect the coffin and make sure no one will get to it. It was because the cure runs through Elena’s veins and some vampires might just try to get it from her and drain her.

The episode ended with Enzo finding the a building that Kai cloaked where they found Lily’s family. We saw Damon on top of a building, clearly not handling the loss very well.

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