The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Black Hole Sun

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Black Hole Sun
3.18 “The Murder of One”

In “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 Episode 4 “Black Hole Sun,” we have found out why Damon and Bonnie were stuck in May 10, 1994, and there seemed to be a kind of reconciliation among old flames. Read on for the full recap.

Back in 1994, Damon was really in Mystic Falls in his relative’s home, Zach. He was there for his brother whom he haven’t seen for 50 years, and their meeting gave the impression that Damon was on an animal diet only until Stefan found bite marks on Gail’s wrists, Zach’s pregnant wife. It turned out that Damon threw away all the vervain in Zach’s home to repel and be able to feed. Stefan was so mad at this realization that he snapped his neck for ruining his life once again. Damon snapped and killed everyone at the party, including Zach’s wife. Stefan compelled Zach to forget everything, and they left the town.

The killing spree happened during the eclipse where the Gemini coven got the power to banish Ky. Yes, Ky, the person whom Damon and Bonnie thought would help them get out of 1994 and bring them back. He would help them, yes, but that was for his own benefits. Ky was a serial killer who murdered his family — the Gemini coven — but he left one alive, and he wanted to go back to finish what he started. He said that they were stuck in 1994 because that was what he got for killing his family, and this was hell for him.

As for Bonnie, she did not want to bring back Ky and kill more people. She also realized that the reason behind Damon making pancakes all day was because it was Gail’s favorite, and this was his way to show remorse. With that, she saw that there was still hope for Damon. They tried to plot to get out of May 10, 1994 without letting Ky know, but he overheard their plan. He revealed to them that he might not have powers, but he can consume powers temporarily, which means that he can get Bonnie’s powers and kill them both so he can go back on his own. It seemed that they were left with no choice but to take a serial killer with them.

Meanwhile, Stefan was looking for Sarah, but there was only one thing that Stefan wants — to return to Georgia and live a different life. However, Elena did not let him go and told him that she is not going to stop pestering him unless he proves to her that starting over is actually a good idea. So he did by bringing her along with him to Georgia and showed her how to be a different person. Stefan even proposed to her in the bar and even picked up a fight and let the guy beat him, but Elena broke the fight.

Elena thought that Stefan was doing this to punish himself for what happened to Damon. Since she was clueless about what happened between her and Damon, Stefan could not stomach her advice on how she moved on from Bonnie’s death. He told her what she has done and the real score between her and his brother. Elena was stunned, and she went to Alaric to retrieve the journal where she wrote all the details why she asked Alaric to erase her memories about Damon.

Jeremy and Alaric had a heart to heart talk that might just bring Jeremy back. Matt and Jeremy wanted to know what Tripp knows, and Tripp brought Matt to where he was keeping Enzo. Everything came rushing to Tripp when he remembered that a vampire compelled him to make him believe that he killed his wife. The question here is: Was it Damon?

Another surprise in this episode: Sarah, Jeremy’s “girlfriend,” is actually Zach’s daughter.

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