The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Do You Remember the First Time?

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Do You Remember the First Time?
3.18 “The Murder of One”

Damon has returned. What happens to Bonnie now that she's still left in the past with Kai? Meanwhile, Alaric was badly injured. Find out what happened in the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 Episode 7 “Do You Remember the First Time?” 

Liam and Elena were kind of getting it on, and Liam was just the perfect person for Elena because, you know, he's "normal." However, since the ex is back, Damon didn’t miss out the chance to step in and talk to Elena. Damon tried to make Elena remember stuff about them including the meteor shower moment, which was sweet by the way, but Elena still couldn’t remember anything.

In fact, she almost stepped over the Mystic Falls border just to end her compulsion, but this could also kill her, and Damon saved her once again. Elena told him that the only thing she could remember was there was rain, and that’s when we found out that they shared a kiss under a rain during the meteor shower. However, Damon said that he’s letting her go because that’s how much he loves her.

He went to Alaric to rant about the whole Elena thing that he’s going through, while Alaric was bed-ridden in the hospital. It turned out that Alaric is mortal again, and there’s something going on between him and Jo. We also learned that Jo is Kai’s sister.

As for Bonnie, she woke up and still injured, while Kai taunted her until she put a knife in his neck and ran away from him as far as possible. She went to the hospital and took down several painkillers. Then she put her magic into a bear and send it to Damon. Now, the bear is in Damon’s hands in the present.

Tripp’s vamps captured Caroline’s mom, which means that Caroline will be needing Stefan’s help. Once they were able to help her mom, that’s when the two started talking about them, especially when Enzo clearly said to Stefan that Caroline has a thing for him. They talked while they were in the hospital hallway, and Stefan asked her why she didn’t say anything. Caroline was ranting on how he thought having a thing for him was worth it, but she knew that he doesn’t feel the same way until Stefan said that he didn’t say anything like that. Do you think something will blossom between these two?

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