The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Fade Into You

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Fade Into You
3.18 “The Murder of One”

The Vampire Diaries” has always been unpredictable. Find out what transpired in Episode 6 “Fade Into You.”

Caroline and Elena were trying to be "normal." With Thanksgiving fast approaching, they planned to host a “Friendsgiving.” However, they’re short on guests because the people that they wanted to invite other plans. Matt and Jeremy were in Mystic Falls to take care of Tripp’s death; and Alaric, Stefan, and Damon were going on a road trip — not for fun, though.

Alaric told Elena that Bonnie is still alive. They’re on their way to find someone from the Gemini Coven that can help them get Bonnie. They also needed to find the teddy bear where Bonnie stored her magic powers and transported to Damon. Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls, Jo met the twins and even told Liv that she looks familiar, but Liv ignored her.

Alaric, Damon and Stefan got to a house, but they came across it while it was cloaked. Thanks to Bonnie’s powers, they were able to take that magic off. However, Damon and Stefan couldn’t get inside the house, which meant that the owner of the house is still alive. Alaric made himself feel at home when he entered the house.

Inside the house, Alaric found pictures of Jo. Damon came to the realization that Kai’s sister is Jo. A man then greeted them who’s name is Joshua, and he asked Damon about Kai. Damon negotiated before spilling any information. He told him that he’s going to tell him everything he wants to know in exchange for the ascendant. Joshua said that that’s not possible because he couldn’t risk it as it might free Kai from his prison.  Of course, Damon wouldn’t take no for an answer and told him that he’s going to kill Kai. Joshua still didn’t agree because he thinks that his son is more dangerous than ever.

Joshua cast a cloaking spell once again before he talked to them. Alaric called Jo up and asked her how they’re going to remove the spell. Jo taught Alaric how and warned him that they shouldn’t let Joshua know that they plan to free Kai because he will definitely not let that happen.

Surprisingly, Joshua tried to kill his own daughter as a precautionary measure. Jo continued to talk to the boys and invited Damon and Stefan to come inside the house. Jo was dying and Liam was there, as well as Elena. Liam was freaking out because she’s dying. Elena was left with no choice but to give Jo her blood so she could live, and she compelled Liam to forget everything and even forget that they ever dated.

We also found out that Liv and Luke are Jo’s siblings, and Kai’s target was the twins because the  two were destined to lead the coven. Kai can’t lead because he wasn't born with powers. The only thing that he can do was to get it from others. Jo protected the twins with magic. However, only one of the twins can lead the coven —- whoever is the stronger will lead, while the weaker one will die.

In 1994, Kai told Bonnie that Jo tricked him, which was why he was sent away because before he was imprisoned in 1994. He couldn’t feel Jo’s magic, which meant that she stored it somewhere. That’s when he realized and found out that Jo’s magic was in the knife that she stabbed him with. He retrieved the knife, and all he needed was a Bennett witch, so he stabbed Bonnie for her blood.

Since they can’t find Joshua anymore, they decided to go home. Damon still wanted the ascendant, but Ric said that they can’t risk Jo’s life anymore. Damon compelled him.

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