The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: I Alone

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: I Alone
Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at 2012 Comic-Con International.

Kai has come back, and Bonnie? Well, that’s what you to have to find out in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 Episode 9 “I Alone.” Read on for our full recap.

Alaric has been compelled by Damon to acquire the Ascendant from Jo, and he delivered well because after swaying Jo with some romantic gestures, he was able to get what Damon needs. He brought it to Damon, and Damon compelled him again to forget about everything.

Meanwhile, Elena told Jeremy about Bonnie, but Jeremy being Jeremy refused to believe her until he sees Bonnie with his own eyes. Tyler kidnapped Liv, and they were at the Lockwood Mansion. Sarah was with Matt, and she used this to be reunited with her cousin, Stefan. However, Enzo got there and wanted to know more about Sarah, but then Matt told Sarah that Enzo was the one who killed Tripp. Luckily, Stefan showed up before things got out of control.

Damon and Elena were on their way to the woods along with the Ascendant. Liv wanted to know how Damon got a hold of it, but since there was no time to explain, Damon lied, and Liv then agreed to send Damon and Elena over to the other side but only in a limited time.

When they got to the Prison World, they immediately went to Damon’s house, while Damon paged Bonnie. Bonnie answered back, and Elena and Bonnie got reunited at last.

In other news, Kai was able to get out of Prison World and came to Mystic Falls. When he got there, he immediately went to the grill and found Liv.

Back in 1994, Damon finally revealed to Elena that he compelled Alaric to get the Ascendant, and Elena freaked out. All along, she thought that Damon did that to get her back again. But then Damon told her that he’s doing all of these for Bonnie because she was the reason why he survived and has hope for the both of them. Elena then apologized to him and for erasing her memories of Damon, to which Damon replied, “We’ll make new ones.” 

Back in the present day, Stefan and Sarah talked, but Stefan compelled Sarah to leave the diner and told her that he knew she was lying. Sarah then told them that her real name is Monique, and she only used the Salvatore identity. Then Enzo showed up and killed Sarah.

Just when Kai was about to trap Liv, Tyler saved her, and Elena and Damon were back at present day. Liv and Tyler told them that Kai’s back. Kai showed up in the woods and showed Damon how strong he is and set Elena on fire. As for Matt, he was so devastated with what happened to Sarah that he told Jeremy to become a vampire hunter again and kill Enzo.

When Tyler got back, he saw Kai there. Kai attacked him, and it turned out that Kai wanted to save Liv’s life after all. As for Bonnie, she’s still stuck in 1994.

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