The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Prayer for the Dying

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Prayer for the Dying
3.18 “The Murder of One”

One of things that “The Vampire Diaries” do best is death. Let’s face it, the first season opened up with a death with Elena who has just recently lost her parents. After that, all throughout the episodes, numerous deaths followed in Season 6 Episode 12 “Prayer for the Dying.” Read on for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with Caroline waiting for Liz to wake up at home. Immediately, she woke up with a noise downstairs. She checked it out and found Colin there. Colin, the cancer patient whom she fed her blood to. It turns out that Caroline’s vampire blood only made things worse for Colin. From stage 4 cancer it is now stage 10, her blood worsened his cancer.

Meanwhile, Elena was at Alaric’s getting ready to go to class. When Damon walked in and asked her out on a date, she remembered they already had, but she still agreed. They got interrupted with a call from the hospital. When they got there, Jo couldn’t figure out what happened to Colin. Later on, they figured out that his cancer has gotten out of hand and no one knows what to do.

Elena was upset at Stefan for letting Caroline do such a thing. Jo came up with an idea. They need a blood transfusion for Liz to flush out the vamp’s blood out of her system.

Liv and Tyler were getting cozy when Liv’s dad showed up informing them that it’s Liv’s birthday. It means that it’s time that she merge with Luke.

Back at the hospital, Damon ripped Colin’s heart out to finally give him peace. Caroline ran away and went to a flower shop to arrange the flowers for her mom’s memorial. Elena was left to deal with Liz and break the news to her. Stefan followed Caroline to the flower shop and shared his story about the time his mother died with Caroline. This was such a great and heartwarming scene and once again, they held hands.

Damon was working on a plan of his own. He went to Alaric’s apartment and found Tyler there about to unleash Kai. It was because he plans to merge Kai first with Jo before Luke and Liv merge. Damon stopped him and stole his plan but Damon style. He called Luke’s dad to tell him that a necessary celestial event will happen tonight. It will be very ideal for the merge and he has to merge Luke and Liv first.

He then used Kai first to suck up the magic of vampire blood in Liz’s. It worked, but her heart didn’t take it and Elena had to do CPR. She almost died, but she still lived. Caroline was there and she thought that she lost her mother. Liz talked to Stefan to tell him that Caroline’s going to need her once she’s gone. The sad part was, Caroline heard everything her mom said.

Liv and Luke’s dad was about to merge the two when Tyler interrupted and punched him in the face. Luke went off to find Kai and Jo who was about to merge but interrupted them. He figured out that he can merge with Kai and he did, but unfortunately, Luke was the one who died and now Kai’s a full-blown witch.

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