The Voice Season 7 Recap: Top 12 Revealed [WATCH VIDEOS]

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Voice Season 7 Recap: Top 12 Revealed [WATCH VIDEOS]
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It’s the second night of the playoffs in “The Voice" Season 7, and the Top 12 has been revealed.

This episode kicked off with Pharell’s performance of his song “Hunter.” Check out the video below.

Ryan Sill

From Gwen’s team, Sill performed “I Lived” by One Republic, and he belted out the song perfectly. However, his overall performance could still use some more improvement, as the coaches said it too.

Jean Kelley

Pharell made her sing Brenda Russell’s “Piano in the Dark,” and at first, she wasn’t confident about it because it’s not her genre. Then again, she pulled it off really well. This also proved that the faith Pharell put in her was just right.

Elyjuh Rene

Another one from Pharell’s team, Rene sang Disclosure’s “Latch,” and it was so awesome. The coaches loved his performance.

Bryana Salaz

She performed “Amnesia,” a song chosen by her coach, and she got pretty emotional near the end of her performance. Gwen was so pleased with her performance because she showed all of them her real self, and she’s amazing.

Luke Wade

From Team Pharell, he sang “Let’s Get It On,” and he really did work out the crowd by being responsive to them, and his performance was so effortless. The coaches loved how he fired it up on stage and kept everyone entertained throughout his performance.

Anita Antoinette

She performed “All About That Bass,” and it was so gun. She made her coach Gwen proud in her performance, and the coaches were amazed by her as well.

Danica Shirey

She sang Joni Mitchell’s “Help Me,” and it was a difficult song that Pharell chose. She gave the song justice, and everyone loved it.

Sugar Joans

She performed “I Say a Little Prayer,” and it was so cool. You can really see her talent right here while she was performing.

Ricky Manning

Gwen stole him from Pharell, and now she really worked on him and chose for him to sing Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” He was incredible. He just showed Gwen that she made the right choice.

Taylor John Williams

He sang “Stuck in the Middle with You,” and the coaches liked him. To make things better, his grandma watched him.

And now the Top 12 are: Reagan James, Craig Wayne Boyd, Jessie Pitts, Luke Wade, Danica Shirey, Sugar Joans, Taylor John Williams, Anita Antoinette, Ryan Sills, Damien, Matt McAndrew and Chris Jamison.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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