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the vow

A car accident puts Paige in a coma and when she wakes up, she suffers tremendous memory loss. Her husband Leo (Channing Taturn) works on her winning her heart. The movie is based on the real life story of a couple Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. In reality, the wife has never been able to regain her memory, but the couple is still married with two kids.

About the real life couple behind The Vow

As the movie gears up for release on February 10, 2012, there is a special interest in people about the real-life couple Kim and Krickitt Carpenter who were the inspiration of the film. ‘The Today’s Show’ covered a day in the life of the Carpenters. Kim was seen taking care of the two kids and cooking eggs in the microwave while Krickitt was seen working out.

Kim works as a CEO of the San Juan County government complex in Aztec. The couple was caught in a car accident which made Kim lose her memory, including that of her husband. The story is about how the couple falls in love again. The couple has even penned the story in a book. This book had with some modifications, found its ways into a lovely Valentine movie that releases this February 10, 2012. In fact, the couple will re-release their book about their family to coincide with the release of the film.

This movie is definitely going to be a favorite for die-hard romantics and for those who are not so much in love; they may still admire the emotional content in the film. Rachel Adams, the 33 year old Canadian actress, is considered as the next ‘Julia Roberts’ and is just right for this movie, according to critics. The actress has a good track record with films like The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes, Red Eye, Mean Girls and Midnight in Paris. She has even won a BAFTA for the Best Rising Star. 31 year old Channing Taturn has been seen in films like She’s the Man, Coach Carter, Step Up, Fighting, Public Enemies, G.I Joe – The Rise of Cobra and Dear John.

There is partial nudity in the film which Rachel McAdams has fun talking about. According to reports, Channing has bared his butt in the film. Rachel looks back at the moment and laughs, “He did bare some other things. He goes for it, he is such a sport.”

The scene has Rachel’s character walking completely nude towards Channing’s character and the actor had to use prosthetics to accentuate his nether regions. Channing says that he was skeptical about Rachel’s reactions in that scene. He jokes, “I really didn’t have faith in her acting. I wanted to get a real reaction from her.” He adds, “The funny thing is she was surprised and looked back at it again.” Now that is naughty!

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