The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Four Walls and a Roof

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Four Walls and a Roof
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One huge cliffhanger was left to us in “The Walking Dead” Season 5 Episode 3 “Four Walls and a Roof.” Read on for the full recap.

It was gruesome to see Bob’s leg being eaten by Gareth and company, while Bob was all tied up in front of them. While eating his leg, Gareth was on a roll munching and talking about his plan for revenge against Rick Grimes. His plans also included Carol because she killed his mother and Sasha simply because she’s pretty, and he didn’t want to let her flesh go to be gnawed by walkers. 

Suddenly, Bob started laughing and revealed to them that he has been bitten. Gareth and his crew spit out his meat, while Bob continues to laugh hysterically. They were afraid that they’re going to turn, but Gareth assured them that they won’t because they cooked his leg.

Meanwhile, Gabriel was taking the blame for the losses of Carol, Daryl and Bob. Rick started interrogating him  about the writings on the wall. That’s when Gabriel told them his story. When people started turning, he shut the doors and didn’t let anyone in. People were banging on his door, but he still didn’t let them in. He also said that the Lord is finally punishing him for bringing Rick’s crew to him.

Bob’s body was dumped in front of the church.  They found him and carried him to Gabriel’s office. He told them that Gareth saw Carol and Daryl drive off. Meanwhile, Abraham talked to Rick and told him that they should head to Washington DC, but Rick refused to leave without Daryl and Carol. Abraham gave him an ultimatum, and things got heated up between them. Luckily, Glenn was there to break it off and came to a compromise that they will leave with Abraham in 12 hours with or without Carol or Darly.

Bob was able to tell Rick about Gareth’s plan so he was able to come up with a much better plan. Gareth came to the church and was surprised that no one was there until one of his crew members got shot by Rick. Rick asked them to drop their weapons, and Gareth commanded all of them to do what Rick said. Gareth told him that if he wants them dead, he should’ve killed them by now. He even negotiated that he let them off, and they will never cross paths ever again.

Rick retorted that he doesn’t want to waste any bullets on them, and even if they never cross paths again, they will still be the same people who eat people. Michonne, Sasha, Rick and Abraham killed Gareth’s crew with the use of their weapons except guns. Gabriel said that it is the house of the Lord, but Maggie told him that it’s just four walls and a roof.

The 12 hours was up, so Abraham and the others are all set to go while Rick was left behind. Abraham left him with a map, and they all promised to meet up in DC. Rick opened the map and found Abraham wrote a note there, “Sorry I was an a—hole. Come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.”

Michonne heard something from the woods. Daryl came out, and then she asked him where’s Carol. Daryl then looked behind him and said “come on out.” And the episode ended. Who could that be?

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