The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Self Help

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Self Help
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Beth was safe, and Carol was now with her. And since Carol’s with Beth, who’s with Daryl? In “The Walking Dead” Season 5 Episode 5 “Self Help,” Abraham, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie, Tara and Rosita were on their way to Washington to find the cure and stop the apocalypse. They were hoping to get there fast enough, and they were also very thankful for Eugene.

But they were wrong. Eugene finally admitted to Tara that he’s really not a scientist at all, and he didn’t know anything about stopping the zombie plague. All along, he’s been feeding them with false hopes. We think he did this to save himself and to have some people watch his back amidst the apocalypse, and we totally get that. That’s his way of surviving, but of course, it’s pretty shady for him to do this. But heck, when you’re living in a world full of zombies, we’d probably do the same.

Abraham, on the other hand, has anger management issues, especially that he’s now very determined to protect the ones he love. Now that he’s lost his family and he’s with Rosita, he’s very angry when he found out that Eugene wasn’t being truthful the whole time. He slammed him against a fire truck, but he recovered.

And when there were walkers around, Eugene used the hose of the fire truck to take down the heads of the walkers, and he was successful. Well, that’s one way to make up for the lies that you made them believe.

This episode was a buffer; it tuned things down after the previous episodes that were action-packed and full of shocking revelations. 

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