The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Slabtown

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap: Slabtown
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The previous episode of “The Walking Dead” left us with Daryl calling someone out from the bushes, and that’s where it ended. In Episode 4 "Slabtown," who would’ve thought that Beth wasn’t the one behind the bushes? All week long, we’re starting to believe that she’s back and finally reunited with Rick and the gang. 

The good news is Beth is alive, but she’s somewhere else — she’s in the middle of Atlanta, in a hospital, and was being treated for her injuries that she sustained when she got injured at the side of the road. When she woke up, she freaked out because she doesn’t remember how she got there. She took off the needle from her arm to use as a weapon because she heard people outside until a doctor walked in, all dressed up in a white lab coat followed by an cop. 

However, there’s more to that place, especially to the people there who represents normalcy amidst the apocalypse. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Edwards and introduced the cop as Officer Dawn Lerner. They explained how she got there and emphasized the fact that they saved her life in a way that they are holding it against her, which means that she owes them, and she’s going to pay for it.

We learned that Beth’s inside Grady Memorial Hospital. In that hospital, all the people that are taken in, healed and fed must stay and play their part in the hospital. Beth met Noah who seems nice and who seems to like her because he gave her a lollipop. The officers go round the hospital and also outside to rescue more people. It seemed like a nice place to be, but being trapped inside, people have needs. Someone has their eyes set on Beth and Gorman, another officer.

Her role in the hospital is a nurse-in-training, and it’s a good thing because she actually has a nursing background. Dr. Edwards took her around to explain to her how the hospital runs. He said that people who are on life support have a time limit, and they pull the plug because they can’t afford to keep someone for too long. Once the plug is pulled, they dispose the bodies by dumping it in an elevator shaft located at the basement full of walkers. So basically, they’re taking care of humans and at the same time of the walkers — pretty sick.

Dr. Edwards and Dawn saw Beth as a weakling due to her physical appearance, but what they don’t know is she’s actually a lot tougher than most people in the hospital who have spent so much time trapped in it, afraid to leave and find real safety. Later that day, bodies were pulled in. There was a patient named Gavin Trevitt whom the doctor didn’t want to cure because for him, he’s a lost cause alread. However, Dawn wanted him to be saved so the doctor was left with no choice but to heal the patient.

Beth also met another ward named Joan who tried to escape, but she got caught by Gorman and her arm got bitten by a walker. She didn’t want to be saved anymore, but Dawn ordered to amputate her arm without anesthesia.

Noah and Beth bonded, and Noah admitted that he wants to leave the place. He actually has a plan of escape. Beth said she’s on-board with him. Gorman tried to make a move on her, but she got saved by Dr. Edwards. Dr. Edwards took her into a more in-depth tour of the hospital and also told her how they got there. After that, he asked Beth to give Trevitt his dose of medicine before she goes to bed.

Beth did, but everything went wrong when Trevit’s body convulsed and crashed. Noah tried to cover for Beth, and he got beaten. However, Beth tried to save her friend and told them the whole story that it was the medicine that Dr. Edwards ordered. The doctor denied it and said that she got the wrong medicine. It turned out that Trevitt is a doctor, and Dr. Edwards felt threatened that he might get replaced.

It’s time to escape, and Beth looked for the keys at Dawn’s office when she found Joan dead. She committed suicide, and she’s about to turn any minute now. Gorman caught her, but Beth tried to seduce her. It was perfect timing because Joan reanimated, and she managed to grab Gorman’s gun and flee. Meanwhile Joan took a bite out of Gorman’s throat.

Once outside the office, she met Dawn along the way and told him that Joan and Gorman were looking for him, and they’re at his office. Noah and Beth managed to escape until they got caught by Dawn’s men, and they were beaten again and healed. When she can finally stand up from her beating, she saw another patient being wheeled in. She was surprised because it was Carol.

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