The Walking Dead Season 7 Midseason Premiere Sees Rick Grimes as a Deadly Leader

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
The Walking Dead Season 7 Midseason Premiere Sees Rick Grimes as a Deadly Leader
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The Walking Dead Season 7 is likely to remain action-packed in its second half. Meanwhile, with the premiere of the first half, fans of the series did expect a lot to happen. However, the slow pace of events and absence of action led to a fall in viewership. But now, even The Walking Dead cast members and the creative team has given a nod that viewers are in for many twists and turns.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Midseason Premiere Spoilers

What is likely to happen in new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7? Here are some spoilers for the fans of the series.

It did come up that an impending war between The Saviors and Negan is long due. Now, with the groundwork done, The Saviors and other communities will finally enter into a war.

Additional information shares that threats erupt from a new horde of walkers. Revelations will also unfold over the mysterious figure who had been watching Rick as well as Aaron.

Scott Gimple Says Rick Grimes Makes a Comeback

With regard to The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason finale’s future, showrunner Scott Gimple says that a new Rick Grimes will emerge. People saw a new kind of Rick in action in this season of the series. Moreover, all the confidence and the ego which Rick had in the Season 6 finale got wiped away in front of the strong warfare by Negan. Despite repeated attempts made by Carl, Michonne and even Maggie, Rick was left completely broken and unconvinced. He did not have the power in him to rise again.

Cinema Blend reports that the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 did revolve around how Rick was defeated and plagued by his guilt thereafter. All the attempts he made to keep Alexandrians alive were definitely commendable too.

The final season of The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason finale saw the survivors regrouping after the death of Abraham and Glenn. At this point, Rick did admit that Maggie had been right. Moreover, he had received his signature Colt Python from Daryl.

This did emphasize Rick Grimes’s return and now he comes forth as a deadly leader in The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Walking Dead Season 7

The Walking Dead returns on AMC on February 12th. Are you ready to watch your favorite characters in a new light again? Do share in the comments below what more you would like to see in the series?

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