The Witch: What You Need To Know About Wes’ Anderson’s New Comedy-Horror Movie [WATCH]

By Kathleen Villaruben | 12 months ago
The Witch: What You Need To Know About Wes’ Anderson’s New Comedy-Horror Movie [WATCH]
the witch

The independent horror movie The Witch recently got a twist on its dark tone because of a trailer mix. Get to know the impact of changing a horror film into a comedic one just by changing the musical score!

Wes Anderson is a director known for his distinct style in filmmaking. He loves creating fast-paced comedy movies with ironic, dark elements such as grief and tragedy. With Anderson’s trademark expertise as an inspiration, CineFix made a catchy trailer for the indie thriller The Witch, Entertainment Weekly reported.

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The Witch Twist

Facebook/The Witch
Facebook/The Witch

CineFix used a cheerful, humorous music to replace the tense, haunting one which served as the original score. It also added quirkiness to the trailer with creative title cards such as “a New England folk tale.”

The trailer mix is courageous one, even using the most disturbing scenes of The Witch. Thomasin, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, played peek-a-boo with baby Samuel in the original film. That adorable scene immediately turned into a frightening one when the baby got kidnapped by a witch. In the CineFix trailer, the haunting scene transformed into a comedy sketch after the removal of the original audio.

The modified trailer also changed a scary character from The Witch into something hilarious. The unforgettable Black Phillip, the film’s evil animal, appeared in the trailer for a simple reaction shot. The devil only looked like a weary old goat in the trailer mix.

Just recently, Anderson directed the Christmas ad of popular apparel brand H&M. He obviously put his usual style of long, flat shots to capture various scenes.

Meanwhile, the ad has a simple story which centers inside a train. The train’s staff prepares Christmas brunch for the passengers. It is because the train would be delayed in its destination due to bad weather.

As the fashionable passengers go to the location of the party, they obviously present the winter collection of H&M. The ad showed various styles for different age groups, including one classy outfit for children.

Watch CineFix’s Wes Anderson-style trailer mix for The Witch below:

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Witch

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