The Woman in Black – Movie trailer

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The Woman in Black – Movie trailer

It was released in the U.S. and Canada on 3 February 2012 and will be released in UK cinemas on 10 February 2012.

Plot of The Woman in Black – Young Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) loses his wife (Sophie Stuckey) at childbirth a few years ago. On a continual basis, he gets visions of his dead wife which detracts him from working at the law firm that has employed him on job. There is one last assignment given to him by his company, in which he has to show that he is dedicated to the company and at the same time, make it known to himself that he has come to terms with the loss.

The job needs him to visit a remote hamlet at the outskirts of England. There is one recently deceased Mrs. Drablow at Eel Marsh House, whose legal and financial papers, Arthur has to take care of. Kipps is frequently distracted by visions and footsteps of a woman dressed in black. He comes to known of a young girl who committed suicide by drinking Iye. The townsfolk believe that many children have committed suicide under the influence of the evil spirit. They say that the woman in black takes the lives of children as a revenge for the child taken away from her.

Arthur comes to know that Eel Marsh was owned by Alice’s husband, sister Jennet Humfyre (Liz White) and son Nathaniel. As he digs for facts, Arthur finds out that Nathaniel died due to drowning in a carriage accident and Jennet commit suicide. Through notes, Arthur finds out that Jennet was accused of being mentally unstable and though she was the boy’s real mother, Alice had hushed this fact and raised the kid herself.
Sam Daily, who becomes Arthur’s confidante in the village, tells him that his own son has been drowned. His mentally ill wife says that her son communicates to her by drawing pictures and shows the photo of a woman hanging and Arthur realizes that the woman responsible is Jennet.
Arthur in due course, sees another suicide in which a girl tries to set fire to herself; she has been manipulated to do so by the woman in black. When Arthur visits Mrs. Daily again, she says that his son Joseph is the next to die.

Arthur and Sam decide to bury Nathaniel properly, while doing so; the woman attacks Arthur but leaves away. The body is buried with his real mother. The woman in black still seems to be in an angry mood. While Arthur and Sam are leaving to go back to town, Joseph sees the woman in black, then the train and jumps in front of it. Arthur tries to save him but he is also killed in the process. The two awake finally in the same place only to find that they are in the midst of Stella, who takes the two to heaven. The woman in black forgives the two people and let them father and son go to their original place

The Woman in Black was supposed to be shot in 3D but then the decision was scrapped. The shooting of the film commenced on September 26, 2010 and wrapped up on December 4, 2010. The idea of the film took shape in 2009 with Jane Goldman as screenwriter and James Watkins as director.

The Woman in Black has received favorable reviews in the US and Canada. The chill element has gone down well with the audience even though the plot is traditional in nature.

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