Theo James Likes to Keep Things Mysterious; ‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Actor Admits He Despises His Eyebrows

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Theo James Likes to Keep Things Mysterious; ‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Actor Admits He Despises His Eyebrows
Theo James at the Divergent Premiere Red Carpet at the Regency Bruin Theatre in Westwood, California. March 18, 2014.20:23:11. Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV/Uploaded by Lady Lotus

“Divergent” star, Theo James, in collaboration with Hugo Boss, has recently launched their most recent men’s cologne campaign, featuring the up and coming British actor. In line with this, the 30-year-old actor spent some time with a notable magazine, who picked on James’ thoughts about doing the campaign for Hugo Boss, and talked about the actor’s own beauty or grooming regimen, if he does indeed have one.

Earlier this year, in May 2015, E! News reported that “Divergent: Allegiant” star Theo James would be making his first “major spokesman deal” by signing on with Hugo Boss to be the face or ambassador of a men’s cologne that they were going to launch this month, which is called “Boss the Scent.”

At that time, James expressed his enthusiasm about the project, as he stated, in a press release with regards to this project, that he felt that Hugo Boss, had managed to continually remain classic, yet at the same time modern.

As the fragrance’s advertisements featuring James were released today, New York Magaizine’s The Cut recently released an interview that they had with the British actor a month ago.

In the interview, James related that being an actor in a film, and being a model for Hugo Boss’ newest fragrance was very different because instead of following a script, he had to rely on what the director wanted to convey with regards to the mood of the advertisement or the picture, which was why they had to look at “mood boards” before the actual shoot.

He then went on to state that he had agreed to be “Boss the Scent’s” ambassador as he liked the fact that the image that he would be projecting would be classic, and at the same time mysterious.

James also mentioned that he associates scents with memories, such as those of the Mediterranean pine trees, which remind him of family holiday trips to the Mediterranean, and the scent of tea, which reminds him of his parent’s house.

He then mentioned that due to his Mediterranean heritage, he didn’t really have to have a lot of make-up put on him when he films, thanks to the natural Mediterranean tan that he has; and mentioned that if there’s one grooming routine or ritual that he has, it’s that he has a habit of shaving every morning, all the way done to the aftershave.

James then also mentioned that when it comes to looks, especially when one has to be in front of a camera day in and day out, he mentioned that confidence and wearing something like a good suit are the keys to looking presentable, instead of lathering a lot of make-up on.

The publication then asked him about what he thought about his eyebrows, as the current trend among the women is that one’s eyebrows should be “on fleek.” However, the actor said that he never does anything to his eyebrows, and shared that he used to despise his eyebrows as a child, as he felt that they were too thick.

What do you think of Theo James’ “Boss the Scent” campaign? What do you think about his thoughts on looking good? Do you agree with him? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV/Uploaded by Lady Lotus


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