Theo James, Shailene Woodley Stay Mum On Link-Up Rumor And The Divergent: Ascendant Cancellation

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Theo James, Shailene Woodley Stay Mum On Link-Up Rumor And The Divergent: Ascendant Cancellation

There seems to be no end for link-up rumors of Divergent lead actors Theo James and Shailene Woodley. James is already engaged to Irish actress Ruth Kearney for quite some time. But the real life couple has been mum about their impending wedding.

Despite that the last part of the popular franchise has been cancelled, the duo will be still seen together in a TV adaptation. It was earlier said that Theo James is waiting to finish off with Divergent series before he settles down with his fiancée Kearney.

The handsome hunk also got out from the race of 007 Bond which he supposedly lost in auditions. He was earlier said to be one of the front runners and important contenders as replacement for Daniel Craig.

The Divergent Series: Ascendant sudden cancellation has been shocking for the entire cast of the series. It was nowhere planned to go ahead like this. Since the format has been changed, many cast members are not happy about it. Rumors say that they will drop their roles and James and Woodley will do the same.

The television adaptation will consist of 10 to 13 episodes for Season 1. Then, it can be renewed for multiple seasons, but will it be possible without the lead actors?

Back in April, Theo James and Woodley were spotted getting cozy at a restaurant. The on-screen couple were seen sharing dessert while holding hands, as mentioned by Fashion & Style. Many incidences in the past have fueled the rumors of their affair. But there has been nothing confirmed on the same ever.

However, they may not be seen together in the future after the series concludes. Reportedly, Kearney has been keeping a close watch on them and their link-up rumors. Possibly, they may be announcing their wedding date soon. This will shut the rumors of Theo James having an affair with Shailene Woodley after all.

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