These Are Mind Tricks to Get What You Want [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
These Are Mind Tricks to Get What You Want [WATCH VIDEO]
A tiny person sits in a movie theater inside a human head, watching and hearing everything that is being experienced by the human being. An illustration of the Cartesian theater.

Who doesn’t want the world to go according to their ways? Everyone wants that. In fact, nothing can be better than that. If that actually happens, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to think of oneself as the king of the world.

Well, if not everything, there are certain things for sure than can work the way you like. However, in order to achieve it, you have to be clever enough. You have to be adept in the human psychology. You have to be aware of the inner workings of the human mind. The mind is an extremely complex pathway in the human system. Everything we do, every word we say, every reaction that we give out is actually what our mind tells us to do. This complex mechanism can be controlled, only if we know how to do it. Lets face it, it is no Herculean task, one just has to be a bit too observant. That serves the purpose.

One has to observe what kind of actions elicits what kind of reactions from a flock of people. While doing this, one should keep in mind that everyone is different and, therefore, would react in a different way to the same situation. This facet makes imperative to read the actions very minutely for the one who wishes to control.

This video states some very important facts when it comes to get the smaller things done according to your will. For instance to get someone think subconsciously to like you, it is good if you mirror their body language or ask a small favor from someone before you ask them for what you really want.

Watch the video below and get things working your way.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Jennifer Garcia

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