These Shopping Secrets Will Make You Shop at Target Every Day [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
These Shopping Secrets Will Make You Shop at Target Every Day [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Kelly Martin | Target storefront, from suburban Chicagoland.

As the second largest discount retailer in the US, Target has offered more and more options for shoppers to enjoy. From discounts to freebies, they have created strategies to make shoppers feel that every item they buy is worth every penny.

Everything from checking the tag for percentages off and knowing if the current sale price will still be reduced, Target has been getting shoppers so hyped up and keep coming back to shop more. One will be able to know when to buy new clothes or when to shop for new appliances because Target has its sale for different sections scheduled each day of the week. Target has also become creative when it comes to their returns policy. Do you know that they give discounts if you bring your own shopping bag? Yes, that’s right, they do. Coupons are also essential if you want to save more while shopping at Target. Mobile coupons come in handy as those can be sent to any phones — handy discounts. Moreover, going to Goodwill is a smart choice if you want to get Target products at super low prices.

Smart shopping is really a challenge especially if you can see sale and promo adds anywhere in the store. The company has a history of maintaining profitability, so as not to end up like other retail stores in the US. The store limits the number of returns without receipt every year. Sure, Target’s prices are competitive, but wait till you see the video below. You’ll save more.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Kelly Martin



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