Few Things You Never Knew About “Twilight”

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Few Things You Never Knew About “Twilight”

20th November 2008, the day when director Catherine Hardwicke released a movie based on the love of human and blood sucking Vampire. At the time of release, Catherine Hardwicke would not have thought that the movie will turn out to be a Saga one day.

Celebrating the seventh anniversary of “Twilight”, Catherine Hardwicke shares some of the unknown facts about the movie while chit-chatting with Buzzfeed. Just read it and find out these unknown facts about the movie and it’s crew.


1. Initially nearly every production company rejected the project based on Stephenie Meyer’s book of the same name. Catherine says that eventually every studio rejected the idea of making movie  based on “Twilight” novel. They thought that the story will not make money. Even the director herself thought that she could not make a successful movie based entirely on the novel.She says, ” The book is a horror fiction therefore Catherine and her team decided to re-write the similar book to make it one of the most romantic stories.”


2.  Director Catherine Hardwicke did everything to make the fantastical story look real. Like with Kristen Stewart who played the role of Bella, Hardwicke said, “There’s the book and the script, but there’s also the moments before.” Hardwicke said she, Stewart, and Burke worked on that awkward dynamic. Stewart, Burke and Catherine went to Disneyland three years before just to improve 10 other scene that were never included in the film. To create Bella, Hardwicke said, “We made a life. She was a real girl — a real person, with a real history.”

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3. Some characters were changed which are much different than they are in novel. As Anna’s character was made by combining a couple of characters in the novel even the other kids shown in the film are more fleshed out than they are in the novel.


4. Hardwicke feels sorry for the main characters of the movie, Bella (Kristen Stewart ) and Edward (Robert Pattinson). She says, ” I do feel sorry not because they have $40/$50/$70 million in their accounts but there will always be a guilt that what the movie did to their private lives. Of course, no one expected it to be like that. Although she is happy that both the stars have moved on and made wise choices.

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