Things That Might Disappear in the Year 2020

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Things That Might Disappear in the Year 2020
This image shows a stack of chocolate, including milk chocolate, nut chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate/André Karwath

Five years is a long time and a lot can happen.

The year 2020 may seem like a far from some. To others, it’s a just five years. Assuming that we’re still alive by that time, our world will look very different from what it is today. All aspects of our living will have changed by that time, from technology to climate to the things that we use every day. By the time 2020 comes, it will have transformed into something new and improved or it will be obsolete by then. The coming of the next decade has some futurists predicting what our society will look like in a couple of years. But here’s a reminder, the future is not set in stone, so a lot of things can still happen.


The public mass train system is slowly but surely changing the way it operates over the years. It has now become smarter and more efficient when it comes to energy usage and being on time. The consumer end is also slowly transforming, with the use of its metro cards. The consumers have been using the plastic metrocards to pay the fare. In span of five years, different countries are laying the groundwork to put a new system of paying for the metro fare and doing away with the plastic cards.


Remember the time when you created a mixtape for a girl that you liked and burned it in a CD? Music merchants are looking into the future with the cd in tow as it is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The slow demise of this one storage device has been largely due to music companies that started to stream their products online like Spotify and iTunes. Some have even gone further to say that the CD will be obsolete by next  year.


Who are we kidding chocolates are here to say. But seriously, the growing number of human population’s hunger is a big threat to the cocoa industry. That and the changing climate and long periods of hot and dry weather in Ghana and Ivory Coast is a big factor in a possible shortage of coca on a massive scale in the succeeding years.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/André Karwath

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