So You Think You Can Dance Season 12- The Top 16 and “The Ghosts of Theater’s Past”

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
So You Think You Can Dance Season 12- The Top 16 and “The Ghosts of Theater’s Past”

This week, in “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 12, which aired last Monday, Aug. 3, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX, the top 16 performed in pairs, several facts were known about each contestant, and Team Stage beat Team Street last week again, when the team’s collective votes were taken down. WARNING: This  article may contain spoilers for “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 12 Episode 11. Read on to learn more about the night’s performances, to learn more about the contestants, and learn and who got eliminated from the show.

This week, the top 16 dancers performed in pairs. It made Travis Wall say in his mentor blog, that now it felt like the old format and gave each contestant to connect with their partner and the audience better.

Several things were learned about the contestants this week, such as the fact that Ariana Crowder would have been a special effects makeup artist if she wasn’t a dancer; Marissa Milele was a Power Tumbler; Jaja Vankova is engaged; Kate Hartpootlian had been kidnapped by a serial killer when she was young;Virgil Gadson has a jazz band; Megz Alfonso has too many shoes; and Alexia Meyer has a toy poodle that’s blind.

At the beginning of the show, Emmy-nominated host Cat Deeley told the team captains that Team Stage’s overall votes “barely beat” Team Street by a very narrow margin.

Also, Derek Piquette couldn’t dance this week. His back had gotten injured during rehearsals, leaving JJ Rabone to perform the Argentine Tango with one of their choreographers, Leonardo Barrionuevo. However, JJ rose to the occasion and got a standing ovation. Nigel Lythgoe declaring that she would have been on former judge’s Mary Murphy’s “Hot Tamale Train.” This also meant that Derek would automatically be in the bottom six next week. Both captains, Travis and tWitch, praised JJ’s performance in their respective mentor blogs.

Jim Nowakowski’s and Ariana Crowder’s contemporary routine about depression, choreographed by Sean Cheesman, and set to Lorde’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” It was was given a standing ovation by the judges, and Ariana earned praise for her performance. She was told by Nigel that she finally connected that night, which was why it was a surprise as to why she was in danger, once more.

Gaby Diaz and Virgil’s Al Blackstone Broadway routine set to Sammy Davis Jr.’s “When and Where.”  It was also given a standing ovation, and high praise from their captains on their blogs, as well as praise from the judges. They were immediately touted as the “power couple” of the evening, especially as they consistently have been doing well. Also, Gaby finally got to use her tap dancing skills in a performance.

Megz  and Edson Juarez’s routine, set to “You There” by Aquillo and choreographed by Talia Favia, marking her debut on the show, was also given a standing ovation. Nigel felt that Edson really managed to “release” his emotions, and the judges all felt that Megz and Jaja continually prove, according to tWitch on his blog, that they could be on any team.

Alexia and Neptune Eskridge’s Hip Hop number by Dave Scott, set to Rich Homie’s “Flex (Ooh , Ooh, Ooh), earned praise for being well done. Neptune was touted as a “Dark Horse,” while Alexia, according to Travis, is finally showing off her personality.

Hailee’s and Jaja’s routine was praised as well, with Jaja consistently proving that she could be Team Stage while Hailee continued to consistently “knock it out of the park.”

For the team numbers, choreographer Luam created a Team Street routine based on hustlers in New York City. Travis took the superstition of ghosts dancing on stage every night on stage so that they wouldn’t bother the main performance to a different level as Team Stage took on ghostly forms, and eerily dance the night away.

At the end of the night, the bottom six were Ariana, Kate, Marissa, JJ, Derek and Asaf Goren. The Twitter votes saved Derek and JJ, and the judges eliminated Asaf and Marissa.

According to Travis’ mentor blog, he stated that he told Derek that he was very lucky to be continuing in the competition. He felt that since Derek hadn’t performed, that the  judges should have been the ones to decide whether or not to keep Derek.

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