This is 40 Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

This is 40 MovieJudd Apatow knows how to make movies that critics would love. He makes the characters consistent throughout the whole film and makes humor a way to show deeper emotions. This is 40 stars Paul Rudd as Pete and Leslie Mann as Debbie.

Rudd and Mann play the characters they had in Apatow’s Knocked Up that was released five years ago but in This is 40, the story centers on them. Apatow is married to Mann in real life. Their two daughters, Iris and Maude, play Rudd and Mann’s daughters in the movie. This makes it a family affair, with Rudd standing in for Apatow.

This is 40 is the fourth movie for Apatow after The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Funny People. This time around, he studies the emotional challenges of married life. Pete and Debbie seem to have a blissful marriage in Los Angeles but they are hounded by secrets.

When they are not exercising, Pete eats cupcakes while Debbie goes behind his back for smokes. They try to brush off the pressures of decreased intimacy during a slow economy. Pete works at an indie record company that is threatened by the looming fiscal cliff. Debbie’s clothing store is victimized by an insider. Her employee’s include Megan Fox and Charlyne Yi.

Pete and Debbie tries to ignite their relationship with a romantic weekend getaway at a resort but only to make the strains in it more pronounced. Filmmaker Apatow knows how to show cracks in a relationship and make them funny for the audience.

This is 40 has a couple of laughs. Rudd and Mann makes it a good movie. The supporting cast also did a fine job. Some of them include John Lithgow as Debbie’s father, Melissa McCarthy as the mother, and Albert Brooks as Pete’s dad.

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