This Is How Dogs Think [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
This Is How Dogs Think [WATCH VIDEO]
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Isn’t it amazing to know what your pooch thinks and feels about you? The idea of really understanding your dog’s emotions and know what and how they think is pretty interesting and can be part of every dog lover’s dream.

BrainMic has reported that the idea is now a reality. Using the latest brain-imaging technology, scientists were able to take a peek at the dogs’ brain activities, how they react to stimuli and interpret every reaction by placing them in an MRI scanner. The study shows that a dog and human brain react to sounds of emotion in the same way. This is why when a dog owner is happy, the dog is happy too.

“Dogs don’t just seem to pick up on our subtle mood changes — they are actually physically wired to pick up on them,” noted  Theresa Fisher.

The canine brain research breakthrough was shared by Rhett and Link in their YouTube channel “Good Mythical Morning.” The “internetainers” invited their staff’s dogs named Enzo and June and talked about the feature in BrainMic.

Dogs are intelligent and perceptive beings  and understanding them is important to have a healthy and happy dog-and-human relationship.

Watch the video and discover how a dog really thinks and feels. You may be able to properly react the next time you see your dog whimpering or wagging its tail.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/leisergu



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