This Is The End an Apocalyptic Comedy

By admin | 5 years ago

This Is The EndSony is releasing This is the End at the same time the Man of Steel comes out. The movie is a raunchy, R-rated apocalyptic comedy that manages to tickle one’s funny bone. But it is far from being perfect. There are some moments in the film that are not that funny.

This is the End is not too consistent and feels a bit too long. When it tries to be funny, you can bet that you’ll find ourself laughing. It combines a hilarious bromance with a disaster movie. Seth Rogen, James Franco,Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Emma Watson, Jay Baruchel and Danny McBride play caricatures of themselves.

If you were disappointed with The Hangover Part III, then This is the End is the cure for it. The talented cast makes the movie a guilty pleasure. It is a mockumentary that allows the viewers to hang out with the cast members and their friends. The cameos are there not just to fill out the movie but they have a purpose in it.

The storytelling is good and well paced. It contains some crude humor but you should have already already expected them as this is a Seth Rogen movie. But I did find it to have too many male organ jokes. But overall, it is a fun movie about Hollywood stars hanging out.

Some disliked the improvised banters between the characters but those moments made viewers laugh. It is a clear case of you either love it or hate it. There will be no in between for This Is The End. If you love Seth Rogen’s humor then you will definitely love this one. Avoid this if you are a prude or a very religious person. IT is a movie you’ll watch if you need to relax and forget about the real world.

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