This Is the Most Hair-Raising Subway Ad in Sweden [WATCH VIDEOS]

By alin | 3 years ago

An advertising campaign for the Swedish haircare brand Apolosophy became famous after its release in February 2014. The ad used sensor-equipped electronic billboards which shows a model’s hair being blown in the wind when a subway train approaches its station. The Apolosophy ad then ends with the line, “Makes your hair come alive.” Very brilliant and hair-raising isn’t it?

Using the same concept, The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancer Fonden), which is a nonprofit organization, released their own campaign in October 2014 in subway stations. The campaign aims to raise childhood cancer awareness. Like the Apolosophy ad, a girl’s hair also blows in the wind every time a train approaches. At the end part of the ad, instead of a gracefully blowing hair, the girl’s hair entirely blows off and the screen shows a bald girl. Subway commuters were in awe of the billboards, which shows Linn, a 14-year-old cancer patient. The campaign ends with an even more hair-raising line, “Everyday, a child is diagnosed with cancer.” A request to support the campaign and donate to Barncancer Fonden also appears on the screen at the end of the ad.

What we perceive can affect the way we think and feel, and it even defines us. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Apolosophy are aware of this. Thus, they created techniques to present their communicative power effectively. Whether for profit or to raise awareness, creative visual communication is imperative in reaching out and connecting to people.

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