This Is What Happens When Adults Dated Like Middle Schoolers [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
This Is What Happens When Adults Dated Like Middle Schoolers [WATCH VIDEO]
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Adolescence is fun and exciting, especially when you are in the middle school. The adventures, school and getting to class on time, friends, remembering locker combinations and first dates make up most the middle school life. Talk about dating, the stages of dating in middle school are really interesting, and everyone can relate to it. Having crushes, inviting someone on a date, keeping a picture of your crush in your locker, stalking your crush, handing and exchanging love notes, texting love quotes, getting your first kiss, breaking up with your first girlfriend/boyfriend and getting ready on finding a new crush and moving on with your life are just few of the things middle schoolers experience.

Adults don’t really have to worry about these things, but what if adults dated like middle schoolers? Well, it would be awkward and funny. A BuzzFeed video posted on Jan. 12, 2015 will show you how it looked like. Do not miss to read this article until the very end and watch the video. 

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Dating can be tough whether you’re a middle schooler or an adult, but it can be fun if you just take it easy and have fun while you’re at it. 

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