This is Why Wonder Woman Isn’t Your Typical Superhero Movie

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
This is Why Wonder Woman Isn’t Your Typical Superhero Movie
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There would not be any gratuitous fight scenes in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. Despite the anticipation for this superhero movie, the filmmaker assured that every time her heroine Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) brings out her sword and shield, it will be because of a purpose.

Redefining Comic Book Movies

Often, comic book movie plots are nothing but flimsy excuses to execute the big battle between superheroes and supervillains or, in a few cases, superheroes versus superheroes. This makes a lot of them forgettable despite earning millions of dollars at the global box office.

But Wonder Woman aims to be different. In an interview courtesy of DC Entertainment on YouTube, Jenkins promised that the fight scenes in the first female-led superhero movie will make sense.

“Really, every action sequence is from her point-of-view and for her story,” the filmmaker explained. “So there was no point in the movie that we ever stepped out and were like, ‘Look at this extravaganza!'”

The point is Diana witnesses a battle on the beach and decides to come out into man’s world in order to intervene in a war that is said to be impenetrable. So the heroine asks herself, “What am I going to do about it?” Jenkins stated that the actions of Wonder Woman in the movie are “100 percent character-driven,” including the fight scenes.

These character-driven fight scenes have the potential to create a more rewarding impact to the audience unlike other movies from DCEU. While both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad became box office successes, the underdeveloped characters and overstuffed plotlines made them less memorable. Moviegoers see a handful of superhero movies every year and Wonder Woman is one of the few that has the potential to stand out.


Diana’s Relationship With Her Family

One of the goals of the upcoming movie is to trace back the story of the superheroine and look at the journey that led to her becoming Wonder Woman. The upcoming movie will explore Diana’s life on the isolated island of Themyscira and how she was trained to become an unconquerable warrior.

The movie, then, will also introduce Diana’s family, especially her mother Hippolyta. Jenkins said while the upbringing of the heroine is exotic, it will feel very familiar.

“She comes from incredible people who she looks up to but who she doesn’t fully know everything about their lives,” the director revealed. Jenkins also added that she treated the first act of Diana’s story as a classic coming-of-age. The heroine has an ambition to change the world on her own way, but the people around her who do not understand.

Steve Trevor-Diana Prince Chemistry

The Wonder Woman movie is going to tackle a lot of aspect including the romance between Diana and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Meeting the war pilot as he washes ashore on Themyscira was the event that led her to leave home and her family to fight a war that threatens to destroy mankind.

The relationship between Steve and Diana is one that Jenkins herself is most excited about. The director assured fans that they not only look good together, they work well together.

During filming, Jenkins recalled that whenever she and Pine look at Gadot, they both swoon at how beautiful the actress is. And whenever Pine says something funny, she and Gadot look at each other and laugh at how the actor is just the funniest guy. However, Pine would like to clarify that Steve is not just a dude in distress.

Their chemistry is “magic” because it was real and it translates well on screen. “I’m so excited to be part of that love story,” Jenkins concluded.  Watch the entire interview below.

Wonder Woman also stars Connie Nielsen, David Thewlis, Elena Anaya and Robin Wright. The movie will land on the big screen on Jun. 2.

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