This Must Be the Place Movie Review

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This Must Be the Place Movie ReviewThis Must Be the Place is about a retired glam rocker who still dresses the part daily. He leaves his home in Dublin to reside in the United State and fulfill his father’s legacy in finding the Nazi officer who tortured him during the Holocaust.

The first half of This Must Be the Place shows Cheyenne, played by Sean Penn. He had a successful rock career and is now contented in living in his estate while monitoring his stock investments. His wife (Frances McDormand) is a firefighter. He likes to hang out with a gothic girl named Mary (Eve Hewson) at the mall.

He is already contented with his life until he gets word from his father, who is already at his deathbed. Cheyenne hasn’t spoken with his father in the past thirty years. He goes to the United States and his dad tells him about the Nazi officer. He goes across the country to find the old Nazi officer that his father got from his father’s investigator (Judd Hirsch).

This Must Be the Place depends on Penn’s performance as the soft spoken rocker with quirky mannerisms. One of which includes the constant blowing of strands of hair in his face. He still has the knack of wearing eyeliner, lipstick, and glam rock hair. He might appear intimidating but he goes around with a small shopping cart. He is engaging and the character will have you hooked in an instant.

When he arrives in the United States, he interacts with different people. He talks to them in an intelligent and slightly funny manner. He doesn’t live on his past glory. But there are times that he latch onto certain areas of his past that he feels responsible or even guilty about.

This Must Be the Place shows Penn’s character go from his usual nominal situations to his cross country search for his father’s tormentor. He is an engaging personality that will keep the audiences’ attention from start to end.

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