This PSA Will Make You Stop Texting While Driving [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
This PSA Will Make You Stop Texting While Driving [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/RustySmokebox |

Pay attention. An anti-texting while driving PSA (public service announcement) video produced by TranterGrey Media in partnership with One Hour Optical and WJBF News Channel 6 has gone viral after its release in social media sites. Millions shared the video in just four days after its release. The video entitled “Last Words,” which others find a bit violent, but powerful message, was part of the “No Text & Drive” campaign. 

With the hope of cutting down the number of deaths and injuries and to raise awareness on the hazards caused by texting while driving, campaigns have been going on for a long time now. Still, more people continue to do it, especially the teens. The “Last Words” video, inspired from an anti-speeding PSA shot in New Zealand, was focused on teens. According to a texting and driving statistics, texting is on top of the list of distractions among teen drivers. A 2012 online infographic noted that 13 percent of teen drivers were either texting or talking on their phones at the time of the crash.

To make the point clearer — do not text while driving. Pay attention to the road because the moment you lost concentration, bad things can happen. Think before you reply.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/RustySmokebox


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