‘Thor 3: Ragnarok’: 5 Things We Expect From The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Thor 3: Ragnarok’: 5 Things We Expect From The Movie

A lot has been said about the upcoming Thor movie and it’s importance to the Marvel cinematic universe. This is by far the most important movie Thor will be a part of and that means he will be put in situations he will never want to be in. How the upcoming movie will step up the cinematic universe is no new topic. Since Marvel began phase three, it became quite compelling for us to look at a few possibilities and expectations we have as fans of the cinematic universe. Following are a few things that we think should be a part of the upcoming movie.

Ragnarok is bound to happen. Proof for that is the visions Thor was getting in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” that made him go back to Asgard to investigate certain things. So given the apocalyptic event, the first thing we think is important is that Gods should be united and that includes Loki, who should finally decide which side does he want to be on. Not much is expected from the God of mischief but his actions have really been unsavory and hurtful to many. He should choose whether he wants to be on the sinner’s side by being the reason for his own home’s destruction or forget about himself for once and stand up for his home fighting alongside Thor and the other Gods against the one threat that can make him look like a foot soldier.

Second thing is Thor should prove what he REALLY can do. Apart from being the invincible god that he is and wielding the mighty Mjolnir, Thor could maybe prove why he really is a successor to the throne after his father Odin. Thor has already started to do his part by realizing how important the infinity stone is and by taking measures to secure it, he could also act as a worthy leader to keep his fellow Gods and people motivated to fight and live through the Norse apocalypse.

Thirdly, Ragnarok’s story is the first step in Marvel’s phase three. The movie is being described as the story that will lead to “Avengers: Infinity Wars.” The post credits scene could drop in a little hint about the same. Thor could also come down to Earth after being a part of a successful/unsuccessful attempt to save Asgard so that he could warn the “Avengers” on Earth about the impending threat to the planet. That could give the superhero team a chance to be prepared for what will hit them in near future.

Fourth thing would be if we could see Thanos showing us why he should be feared after all? The only thing mad titan has been doing is sending out his henchmen to recover stones for him. It’s time that he makes more than just a little cameo and there is a definite possibility of that since he declared that he will be getting all the stones by himself when “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ended.

Finally, fifth and the most important thing in the movie should be Ragnarok itself. Perhaps the Avengers are not aware of what they will be encountering in the future. Events in Asgard should also show fans what kind of destruction Earth will be witnessing in Infinity Wars. It is quite clear that the war would be deadly and there will be casualties, it will be upto our heroes to prove their worth and defend the one thing they have been fighting for.

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