‘Thor 3: Ragnarok’ Spoilers: Thor Kills Loki

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Thor 3: Ragnarok’ Spoilers: Thor Kills Loki

As days pass by, Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be treading into paths audiences wouldn’t expect to know. The studio on a bid to create the ultimate superhero experience is slowly taking steps towards achieving their target with “Thor 3: Ragnarok” which is aimed at a 2017 release. Usually Thor’s movies are only concerned with Thor and his mystical world of Asgard but at a time when the whole world’s future is at stake, one would not want to take any chance. There are a couple of more updates on the movie that might give insights on what can everyone expect.

According to Movie Pilot, some fans fear that the Marvel cinematic universe might just be dwelling on bringing old tricks from the book to life. It is being said that the studio might just have its own unique approach towards the story of “Ragnarok” in Norse mythology that speaks about the Norse version of apocalypse that resulted in multiple deaths including the Gods like Odin, Thor, Loki, Heimdall amongst others. Once Odin perished, his son Thor too died fighting an extreme powerful entity.

Christian Today also reported that as of now if the studio is deciding to blindly follow the Norse apocalypse story then there are literally multiple possibilities where “Thor 3: Ragnarok” could lead to. First one was discussed earlier where Thor survives the apocalypse and chooses to give up his power to make way for the very first Female Thor who was later revealed to be his love interest Jane Foster. Second possibility is that Thor will not survive and indeed die which will be considered an absolute rip off from the actual story of Thor. But he won’t be the only one to die because Loki and Heimdall along with Odin will also perish.

Final possibility which has started to surface for the very first time is that Loki who somehow was involved with the enemies will be caught and killed by Thor because he would do something unbelievable and that would be ripping Loki’s head from his torso given the fact that he betrayed Asgard and Thor will not let a traitor live. As days pass by and with the excitement catching up, audiences and fans alike can’t wait to know what fate shall thou Gods meet?

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