‘Thor’ Actor Chris Hemsworth: 10 Things You Would Love To Know About Him

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
‘Thor’ Actor Chris Hemsworth: 10 Things You Would Love To Know About Him
Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is better known as “Thor” to everyone.  The 32-year-old Australian actor has gained immense fame for himself through his popular role as the Marvel superhero, a character from a comic book in a super hit movie with the same name.

What does Hemsworth love to do during a night out? Well, the actor is fond of worm dance and loves singing to Cher’s songs at karaoke. The actor has also got an appreciation for his role in “The Avengers”.

Here are ten interesting things about this famous Aussie actor that many of you would simply love to know:

  • 1. Chris Hemsworth was born on a Thursday, a day that is christened after Thor’s name. His date of birth is August 11, 1983.
  • 2. The sexiest man alive, as Hemsworth is known, is addressed as Kip, in his native Australia. He has been given this nickname, as he could not pronounce his name properly during his childhood when it sounded as Kaptader.
  • 3. If he had not played Thor, he would be thrilled to be Mighty Mouse. He had gained about nine kilograms to play Thor’s role, but he had gained excess weight for which he had to literally struggle to get into the designated costume.
  • 4. If he did not succeed as an actor, he would love to have become a zookeeper as that had always been his dream.
  • 5. Hemsworth is an extremely keen surfer and grew up watching surf videos. His inspiration is Kelly Slater.
  • 6. He loves dancing the worm on the floor and Van Morrison of “Brown Eyed Girl” is his most favorite musician.
  • 7. The actor prefers Christmas ham as his favorite holiday food.
  • 8. Hemsworth was a participant in the Australian “Dancing With the Stars” show in 2006.
  • 9. The Aussie actor is extremely fond of pepperoni pizza, similar to Michelangelo and his preferred Ninja Turtle character is Donatello.
  • 10.Chris Hemsworth has always wished to work with Liam Hemsworth, his brother. However, the actor also confessed that both of them may become sick of each other.


Photo Source: Facebook/Chris Hemsworth

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