‘Thor Ragnarok’ 2017: Natalie Portman Cast As Female Thor?

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Thor Ragnarok’ 2017: Natalie Portman Cast As Female Thor?

Thor, the mighty God of Thunder definitely did not expect this coming. He along with his father Odin has been protecting their home Asgard from every potential danger that can mean harm to their subjects. But what happens if the danger becomes beyond control? What happens if the danger comes in the form of Apocalypse? Norse apocalypse. In between the battle of the Avengers and megalomaniac Ultron, because of the mind control spell that was put on the Avengers, Thor had a vision that led him to leave for Asgard in the end of the movie to find some answers and as days are fast approaching, things are being revealed as to what the future holds for our superheroes.

According to Venture Capital Post some of the crucial details concerning the Marvel cinematic universe have been revealed and clearly it does not look good. The upcoming “Thor Ragnarok”, which translates as Norse version of apocalypse will bring with it total annihilation and has speculated the end of Odin who will die protecting Asgard leaving the duties on his son Thor to look after whatever will be left of Asgard.

Another major revelation that has come along the way is the inception of a female Thor who is originally Jane Foster and will continue the legacy of Thor giving rise to the first Goddess of Thunder. According to the comic line, Jane was suffering from Cancer and her condition worsening with the continuous use of Mjolnir. Marvel cinematic universe has successfully kept the mystery and the fans guessing about the possibility of seeing a female Thor.

According to the comic series if a female Thor emerges as the new protector of Asgard, the current Thor will give up his powers and Mjolnir and will be known as Odinson living under the protection and shadows of the Goddess of Thunder while wearing his old red rags. If the MCU decides to go on with the comic series it would be interesting to see Natalie Portman in a blonde look wearing the red cape and wielding the Mjolnir to protect her subjects.

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