Thor: Ragnarok: 6 Comic Book Moments Adapted Directly In The Trailer

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Thor: Ragnarok: 6 Comic Book Moments Adapted Directly In The Trailer
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Thor: Ragnarok released a trailer recently and it is everything that a Marvel fan would expect from it. Thor is on a mission that can possibly leave all of Asgard destroyed.

Going up against one of the most powerful enemies he has ever faced, the new trailer is also something worth watching. There are many moments that have been pulled directly from the comic books on it, which makes it more fun to watch.

Also, since he no longer has his Mjolnir at his disposal, it becomes all the more difficult for him to deal with the situation he is in. Here are comic book moments that have been directly inserted in the movie’s trailer.

Completely destroyed Mjolnir

While his weapon, the mighty Mjolnir, has been shown as a rather powerful one in the MCU, it does not stand a chance against Hela. In the trailer, Hela can be seen stopping the Mjolnir and destroying it completely.

As far as comic books are concerned, there are multiple instances when the weapon has been destroyed. Thor Vol. 3 #601 is the most recent one, which showed the weapon getting shattered.

His grandfather Bor, the Destroyer, Molecule Man, and Perrikus are just some of the people responsible for the weapon’s destruction.

Hela’s headgear

Blastr reported that one major reason for Marvel’s success is that it has been able to bring comic book costumes and looks directly from the comic books to screen.

According to the outlet, Hela’s headgear is just an example of that, which is also reportedly the source of her power. Going by her look in the trailer, she looks exactly the way she did back in the comics.

Thor’s new look

Another comic book element brought directly from the comics to the movie is Thor’s new hairdo. Back in the comic books, when Thor became unworthy of wielding the Mjolnir, he got a slight makeover.

His hair was cut short and he started sporting a short beard as well. The outlet stated that Thor’s look in the trailer too is exactly the way it was in the comic book. This new look can be seen when he is captured and made to fight as a gladiator on Sakaar.

Hulk’s gladiator look

Appearing back in the MCU right after Avengers: Age of Ultron is Hulk. Last time the green rage monster was seen in the MCU, he shut off all communications on the Quinjet he was on and quietly flew away somewhere.

While it can be expected that Thor: Ragnarok will touch up on his story, it seems he landed straightaway on Sakaar after passing through some wormhole. As far as his look is concerned, it too has been taken straight away from the comics as fans will get to see Gladiator Hulk just the way he was in the comics.

His armor was displayed last year at Comic-Con, which fuelled rumors that Marvel will adapt the complete look as it is for the movie.

Sakaar arena

Last time Thor and Hulk clashed it was on the Helicarrier and it did not end decently. Following the lines of their previous clash, Thor: Ragnarok will pitch former Avengers allies against each other in Sakaar arena.

Much like the comic books, the arena is where strongest fighters from different worlds come together and fight. Thor after losing his Mjolnir will be made to fight there and he will clash against Sakaar’s most powerful fighter Hulk.

Also, the arena has been given the same look, which only increases anticipation for how the fight will go down.


With one massive weapon destroyed, another one seems to get introduced in the trailer. Odinsword is known as a weapon that can bring destruction. Odin himself calls it Ragnarok, which translates to the end of all things.

In the trailer, Hela can be seen holding the weapon and stating how Asgard is dead. Going by the design of the sword, it looks like it could be the All-father’s sword that the supervillain is holding. With Thor trapped on the other side of the universe, it remains to be seen if he is able to save Asgard from Ragnarok or not.

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on Nov. 3 this year.


Photo source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

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