Thor: Ragnarok — Possible Plot Twists And Debuts In The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Thor: Ragnarok — Possible Plot Twists And Debuts In The Movie
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Thor: Ragnarok has everyone awed with its teaser trailer. With a new look and new adventure, the God of Thunder will be going up against the all powerful Hela and team up with former Avengers ally Hulk for an intergalactic trip.

With this being an important movie that further connects to Avengers: Infinity War, there will undoubtedly be a lot of plot twists and character debuts that fans are expecting.

Thanos and Hela meet reported that apart from Hela being the main villain of the movie, Marvel supervillain Thanos could show up in the movie too. One major reason would be for Tesseract, which is hidden somewhere on Asgard and secondly, because he would be seeking revenge on Loki for failing him.

The outlet also speculated that if Hela ends up getting trapped back in Hela, Thanos could come and retrieve her. In the process, he would get an ally who would be much more useful than Death with whom he is so obsessed.

Thor’s new hammer

The trailer has clearly shown just how powerful Hela is. She stopped Thor’s Mjolnir mid-air and just by doing that; the powerful weapon can be seen getting destroyed completely.

With the God of Thunder being without a weapon, it would become incredibly difficult for him to face other major enemies in the MCU. With that, the outlet theorized that Odin will perhaps make a new weapon for his son that will be as powerful as Mjolnir.

Also since there are chances that Surtur the Fire Giant too will be in the movie, Thor will definitely need a weapon to fight someone like him.

A concept art of Avengers: Infinity War showed Thor holding a different kind of hammer that looked more like the Jarnbjorn. If the concept art is to be believed then the God of Thunder could be getting a new weapon.

It should be noted that the God-killer ax is also considered as one of the powerful weapons that Thor has wielded.

More violent Hulk

Thor: Ragnarok also marks Hulk’s return in the MCU. He will be seen fighting as a gladiator on the planet Sakaar and given the time he will be doing that, there are chances it will have some kind of mental effect on him.

With him living in an environment that is so conducive to violence, it might bring out a more violent side of the green raging monster. In addition to that, if he is being controlled by some mind controlling technology, it will only turn him into something much worse.

With the way Hulk charges at his former Avengers ally Thor in the trailer, fans can expect a more savage Hulk.

Surtur, the Fire Giant

Surtur, the fire giant, could be another villain that might debut in the movie. There have been reports of his involvement in the movie but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Having him along with Hela as one of the villains in Thor: Ragnarok will only make the movie grander than before.

The outlet noted that Hela could be the one who would unleash the monster and it would be on Thor to defeat him using his new weapon.

Valkyrie’s Redemption

Valkyrie can be seen working as a mercenary on planet Sakaar. It can be assumed that she is one of the fallen gods who fled to the planet after her defeat against Hela.

Once Thor and Hulk break out of captivity, there are chances Valkyrie will look to redeem herself and seek revenge on the villainous Hela. So when Thor is busy fighting Surtur the Fire Giant, Valkyrie could be the one who takes down Hela.

It remains to be seen what kind of plot twists are included in the movie.

Thor: Ragnarok will release this year on Nov. 3.


Photo source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

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