Thor: Ragnarok: Thor And Hulk Lock Horns Like Avengers Iron Man And Captain America?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Thor: Ragnarok: Thor And Hulk Lock Horns Like Avengers Iron Man And Captain America?

Thor: Ragnarok will be a step ahead in the superhero genre because as opposed to heroes fighting each other like in Captain America: Civil War, the two heroes in the movie will be embarking on an intergalactic journey together and making the movie a buddy superhero one.

However, what if Thor and Hulk end up doing the same what their allies in Avengers ended up doing in Captain America: Civil War? What if in the movie instead of working together and helping each other out, the two heroes end up locking horns?

If they do then this will not be the first time they will be doing so because back in Avengers, Thor saved Black Widow from Hulk by engaging in a duel with him. As far as this movie is concerned, there could be a bit of both as elements of Planet Hulk are also reportedly being included in this.

Thor and Hulk would continue to be allies from the beginning because both of them were not a part of the Civil War that took place on Earth and ended up dividing the Avengers; however, somewhere in the movie their equation could change and that too because of one another Asgardian, Loki.

As far as their first meeting in Thor: Ragnarok is concerned, Hulk would presumably be on a planet like Sakaar fighting it out as a gladiator, when Thor would come to know of his presence or could just be visiting the planet and bumping into him. This could lead to a small reunion between the two allies following which Hulk would follow Thor to Asgard looking for a cure for his anger problem and uncontrollable rage.

Real problems could start after Hulk reaches Asgard because Loki would be there waiting with some trick. As soon as Hulk goes back to being Bruce Banner, Loki could probably see it as an opportunity to somehow take control of the green monster and use him for his own purpose.

Loki could cast a spell or do something, which could separate both Banner and Hulk from each other and thus making the latter a different person altogether. With Banner’s mind no longer in the Hulk, the green monster would simply be a mindless rage monster that would kill anyone who comes his way.

Loki could then control the Hulk and order him to kill Banner and right at this point; Thor would step in to duel with the monster. It would then depend on Banner’s genius mind to somehow help his other half snap out of Loki’s control.

Slash film questioned if Korg could be in Thor: Ragnarok or not. According to the outlet, Korg was seen earlier in the last Thor movie when the God of Thunder smashed him with his Mjolnir. The outlet stated that Korg could have survived that and would now seek another brush-off with Thor in the upcoming movie.

Thor: Ragnarok will release next year in November.

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