‘Thor Ragnarok’ will step up the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Thor Ragnarok’ will step up the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor Ragnarok” which is still more than two years away from release has already started establishing itself as one of the stepping-stone to Marvel’s ambitious upcoming venture and that being “The Avengers: Infinity Wars I and II.” The film, which is being considered as an equally important movie alongside “Captain America: Civil War” could very well be the key to unlocking important questions that haven’t been answered yet. Read on for more details.

According to Christian Today, President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige mentioned that the movie is indeed very important for the studio’s phase 3. It will lead to the character going at an all-together different level. There are a couple of theories to support that since the speculations regarding the movie have been massive.

For all those who are unaware the term, Ragnarok is the equivalent of Norse Apocalypse and is thus considered a key event. According to some when Loki posed as Odin that could very well mean the end of the world. The God of Mischief would definitely strike a deal or get involved with someone he should not be and later end up costing the lives of the entire world. Another theory says that one of the biggest opposition forces of the Asgardian Gods were the Fire giants and with their entrance in the picture could wage an apocalyptic war.

Some believe that Thanos might just attack Asgard looking for yet another infinity stone for which Thor himself returned back to Asgard looking for answers. There are chances that Thanos and Thor might just end up in a death battle. It could give hints to Thanos becoming motivated to attacking Earth because since he wants complete control of the universe, Earth would be the only place left that could hinder his plans and when the titan would reach Earth, he will have to encounter the Avengers leading to “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

Finally, according to Youth Health, “Thor: Ragnarok” could also look into the possibility of Thor giving up on his power or getting killed in the following events and make way for a new Thor. Whichever way the studio is heading the film into, it is quite certain that it would become even more thrilling as the story unfolds itself.

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