THR’s ‘Sony Hack’ Story Destroyed Nicole Basile’s Career; Defamation Suit Filed, With Amount More Than $75,000

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
THR’s ‘Sony Hack’ Story Destroyed Nicole Basile’s Career; Defamation Suit Filed, With Amount More Than $75,000
A freelance production accountant filed a defamation suit against THR’s publisher in connection with Sony hacking story.

Freelance production accountant Nicole Basile has filed a defamation suit against THR’s publisher Prometheus at a Court in Illinois due to an article pointing her as one of the hackers responsible for last year’s Sony hacking activities.

Ms. Basile lives in Manhattan, Illinois and has been working as a freelance production accountant on various movies.

Ms. Basile’s complaint via Deadline contained two counts: Defamation Per Se and False Light.

In the first count (Defamation Per Se), The Hollywood Reporter’s article allegedly pointed Ms. Basile as one of the hackers who committed the attack.

Some of the words of the article reportedly accused Ms. Nicole Basile as a facilitator of the Sony hacking incident, eventually causing her profession to be severely affected.

The publishing of the alleged “False Statements” in The Hollywood Reporter’s article through various third parties (magazines, websites, mobile, and tablet editions) was said to have affected Ms. Basile’s trade as well.

The alleged “False Statements” were said to have been made with “actual malice” against Ms. Basile. In effect, her “good name and reputation” reportedly suffered greatly and was lowered in the community.

Moreover, Ms. Nicole Basile has reportedly suffered from “loss of earnings” since the publishing of The Hollywood Reporter’s article.

Ms. Basile was said to have suffered also from abdominal pains and had gone through a surgery. It was later on identified that nothing physical was wrong with her abdomen and that the pain was due to stress allegedly caused by the published article.

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Ms. Basile reportedly suffered from humiliation, emotional stress, and “mental anguish.”

In the second count (False Light), the alleged “False Statements” in the article reportedly placed Ms. Basile in a false light in a “highly offensive” manner by suggesting that she was one of the hackers.

The Hollywood Reporter’s publisher was also said to have knowledge of and have “acted with reckless disregard.” Further, the “False Statements” were reportedly “not privileged and were made with actual malice.”

The defamation suit cited some statements in THR’s article as the main basis. It said, “While the hackers have identified themselves as Guardians of Peace, emails pointing journalists to allegedly stolen files posted on a site called Pasterbin came from a sender named ‘Nicole Basile.’ A woman by that name is credited on IMDb as an accountant on the studio’s 2012 hit film The Amazing Spider-Man, and her LinkedIn page says she worked at Sony for one year in 2011. Basile couldn’t be reached for comment and the sutiod declined to confirm if she works or has worked there.”

Ms. Basile’s defamation suit was claiming for an amount not less than $75,000, exemplary damages, cost of the lawsuit, and others.

Ms. Nicole Basile was represented by lawyers Alexander Rufus-Isaacs, Rodney A. Smolla, and Ian Brenson.

The Hollywood Reporter’s publisher Prometheus Global Media is yet to make a statement.

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