Three Cable Networks Undergo Rebranding

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Three Cable Networks Undergo Rebranding
New logo debuted on October 7, 2014 for Oxygen.

As with any business, rebranding is sometimes a good move. It gives the brand a chance to reassess and realign new goals, as well as change its look and style to cater to the new direction. Three cable channels will undergo such a move in an effort to make their brand more appealing. Read on for the details.

As reported by Variety, WEtv, TruTV and Oxygen are shaking up its brand by coming up with a new logo, a new tagline and new goals in the hopes of making their channel more profitable. Variety said that these networks are replacing everything except their names.

WEtv, which was primarily geared towards the female audience — with WE actually meaning Women’s Entertainment — has picked a new tagline to go with their rebranding. Now using “PoWEr” for their network promotions, the cable network hopes that the changes they make will tap more viewers, regardless of gender. In fact, the show has even introduced new programs, such as legal series “The Divide” and the reality series “Sex Box” (for 2015) to put their new goals in motion. The network is also planning on delivering “edgier” original series moving forward.  According to its president and general manager, Marc Juris, WEtv’s former identity already felt outdated, and it’s preventing the channel from raking in on 150 million other potential viewers. The move seems to be paying off as the report said that the cable channel was able to increase their viewership by 39 percent since last year.

On the other hand, truTV is aiming to change its brand to appeal to a fun-seeking audience. The cable channel, which was already rebranded from CourtTV back in 2008, will be featuring more prank shows and reality competitions that will cater to a younger and adventurous viewer. In fact, truTV is already set to premiere campy shows like “Fake Off” and “How to Be a Grown Up” by the end of October. Chris Linn, the president of the channel, said that they will be putting focus on bringing alternative contents that are “innovative” and “authentic.” truTV’s summer programming actually dropped 25 percent according to the report, but the cable channel is banking on its new shows this fall to attract more young viewers.

Lastly, Oxygen is gearing towards the modern and multicultural viewer in its rebranding and transition. The cable channel’s new tagline, “Very Real,” supports their goal of bringing more dynamic unscripted shows that young female viewers like. In fact, “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” which premiered last August, became the most watched show on the channel for 2014 with an 800,000 plus viewership.

And that’s the news on the changes that are taking place among three cable channels: Oxygen, truTV and WEtv. For more on the television industry, keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the news.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Oxygen Media

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